Life Lately #24

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Lately, I’ve been thinking…that I might be changing the Life Lately segments to Sunday instead of Monday. It might be a better choice. We shall see how the next few weeks go with teaching and the possible nanny job. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling…very anxious! Waiting to hear back from this nanny job. I’m thinking that if I don’t get it, I might just take myself to Ottawa after Christmas and look for something part time there, since I have my online teaching as well. Teach in the morning, blog/nap mid-day, child care after school. Seems like a good balance. 

Lately, I’ve been wanting…to get my eyes checked. I was going to do it in Korea before all the ugliness happened. I thought I had enough time but then nopes. So I called the office in town here (less than a two minute walk from my house) to make an appointment. I have an eye doctor in Kitchener but that’s a 1.5 hour drive there, then back, then again when I have to pick up my glasses. It’s too much. So the lady on the phone said they are booking the last week of November! WHAT! She asked if it was an emergency I said no, but I had been overseas for a year and after coming back had noticed my focus was off. Like just reading the cable guide on the TV yesterday was blurry. I had to squint for some focus. So she checked for any cancellations and BAM tomorrow 9:30am! Which means I could possibly have new glasses by the end of the week?! *fingers crossed*

Lately, I’ve been doing…some work with French. Since the nanny job that I interviewed for has all the children in French schools (immersion and full French), the mom was concerned about my level of French. So thanks to CracTpot, I downloaded an app called Duolingo which is amazing! It’s free (which is awesome!) and you can learn practice other languages not just French. I’ve been using it a few times a day since I downloaded it and have been surprised at how much I remember – and then feel especially dumb when I don’t know the word for “read” haha. It’s a work in progress. My friend who teaches French Immersion says to go to Chapters (a Canadian bookstore) and find a French copy of any book that I have already read. Then read it in French. That way I already know the story and it would help to understand it in French. Interesting idea. I even had the chance to let the mom know I was practicing – just to show her that I was already putting some effort into improving, before knowing if I had the job or not. 

Lately, I’ve been hoping…that my lucky streak in life will continue. I like to say that the universe is aligning for me, but I know that this is God’s handiwork showing up in my life. He has truly blessed me with some amazing things these last few weeks, I can’t help but think that perhaps my going to Korea wasn’t of him. I thought it was, but I am feeling a little bit like Jonah right now – Korea being my fish that swallowed me and that by returning, I have really submitted to God’s will. And just like Jonah, once I accepted God’s will (returning) the fish spat me out (good things happening!) 

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Well happy Monday everyone! I hope you are enjoying it!


7 thoughts on “Life Lately #24

  1. Life seems very exciting when things start to avail themselves to us. The story of Jonah is one that I really like, although I tend to feel that I’ve given life a tummy ache and it spits me out in response. Thanks for the info on the app. Is it for droid, too?

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  2. I have used duolingo app. It’s pretty cool! I was a French major in college but after the bad car accident and brain injury I received, I lost it…I know and recognize some words or phrases. And I am ALWAYS drawn to the language. It’s all around us here in south Louisiana. Best of luck to you in your future jobs. And he French! Bon chance!!!


    • I have always loves trying to learn languages but I have never succeeded haha. Took French until grade 9 but hated it (since I was forced to take it) then tried my hand at German, Spanish, Latin, and eventually Korean haha. The app is helping a little bit. Now it’s starting to get a little harder, but I just found out that the website has much more information! I will have to go on there as well. Thank you for the well wishes! I hope I can succeed with this!

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