Day 1: A Success!

I was totally not ready for this morning. I need better time management skills. 

This morning was my very first online class for teaching English. Sure I had practiced before with adults who were pretending to be 5 year olds, but this was my first time having an actual Chinese student. And ya know what? It went really well!

I only had two slots opened up for today. I wanted this first week to be a nice easy one for me so that I could adjust to using their portal, and pacing out time for lesson material and leaving feedback after. All week I only have 7:30-8 and 8:30-9 slots open. Friday I have evening slots open as well. Right now I have 12 out of my 17 time slots booked. And ALL  the slots for next week!

I set up the coffee pot to turn on at the same time my alarm goes off. That way, by the time I finally stroll into the kitchen it’s at least started to produce coffee (which I can fill my cup with and then put the pot back for the rest of the coffee to perk out. Just don’t tell my mom – she hates when I do that).

So I eat some breakfast, slap on some mascara and half-put on Doris. Usually it involves braiding my hair, putting her on, stuffing the braids up. But this kid isn’t going to see the back of my head. I just pulled my natural hair into a low low pony tail, and put Doris on over that. Fantastic! I was literally still in my pajama pants.

I was in the “classroom” about 15 minutes early. I checked my microphone, turned on the webcam quickly to make sure that it was working and in a good spot for the lesson. I also saw that the shirt I was wearing under my mandatory orange shirt was showing through and looked bad. So I had time to change before the lesson started.

The student signed into the classroom around 5 minutes early. She did the same thing that I did, checked her hair in the camera. Girls am I right? Then she checked her teeth, got a stool and got all set up. It felt a little bit creepy just sitting there watching her but I didn’t know how early I could start the class. I waited until about 45 seconds before the start time and turned on my camera. Since she was using their mobile app, I couldn’t send her a chat message telling her when class would start.

But class went really well! Her English skills were amazing! I think I need to speak a little slower and spend less time on certain slides. You are suppose to finish at 25 minutes but go no longer than 28. I think I was around 27. And I totally rushed through the last 6ish slides of the power point. But my training didn’t really help! All my practice classes (with the adults) were for the very lowest level. This student was level 2 or 3 and I didn’t have to be all Kindergarten teacher but rather just a normal happy person.

Class ended, we said goodbye and then I left some comments for her parents and the next teacher. I am pretty sure that I am her next teacher haha.

I feel super awesome that I have finished that first class! And look forward to the rest of the week!!

6 thoughts on “Day 1: A Success!

  1. How do you go about teaching English? I teach a lot of SIOP and GLAD-based things in my classroom, and, essentially, I teach English, but what does instruction based solely on teaching English look? I want to get my TESOL so I can teach English this summer in another country!!!

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    • For VIPKID, which is the company I just started with, they provide the slides and you just teach what’s on the slides. It’s super cute and just activity based. They use a flipped classroom approach, which is then highly influenced by Bloom’s Taxonomy for higher learning. It’s fantastic. Such an amazing program! I would highly recommend it! Especially if you want to earn some great money. Since I have my teaching certificate and prior experience with teaching ESL, and I rocked my first interview (62/62!) I start at the highest pay level. $11 per session, which is $22 USD per hour. It’s super great. You don’t get the experience of going to another country but there is something to be said about teaching in your pj’s with a cup of coffee making a monkey and elephant finger puppet act out the word “follow” to your webcam while a little girl giggles all the way in China lol

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