I kind of feel like I have hit a little bit of a slump in my blogging community. 

That’s not to say that all you people who read this and comment here aren’t fantastic! Because you are! I’m talking more about my own actions.

When I started my blog, I was constantly finding new bloggers to follow and to interact with. Somewhere along the line that just kind of stopped. I got comfortable with the people I followed, and haven’t really ventured out to find new blogs in a while. Which is just really sad because there are some amazing blogs out there!

So I have a little challenge for you folks reading this.

If you would be so kind as to recommend one blog (or more if you want), a blog that you really enjoy reading, I will follow it.

I get all new posts emailed to me so I don’t miss any, so I will follow any blog that you suggest and give it a month long trial!

Expose me to new things!


12 thoughts on “Recommendations

  1. I can’t even keep up with the ones I currently follow! I don’t know how anyone does it! Of course I follow too many because I feel like I have to give them all a chance — every one who follows me. But that’s almost 850! Anyway… I will think about this for you!

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    • I periodically clean out my follow list, sometimes I start out LOVING a blog and then over time it just changes. Which it totally cool! It happens with my followers too. I just dont have any new ones that Ive followed in a while lol.

      I really cant recommend the email thing enough! I love it! All the posts get sent to my email and I read them whenever I have time. Its great! “A Thomas Point of View” suggested it!

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      • Oh, I use the email thing for the ones I definitely want to read. The rest are only in the reader… And I rarely have time to go there. If I had every blog I follow come as email, I’d probably get 200+ emails/day. Could not deal with that. My problem is that I shouldn’t follow back unless I’m really truly interested and plan to read all the time. But I feel guilty…

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        • Ahh thats a good system! I used to feel guilty about not following as well, but then I had this one blog that was really really hard to read. Like hateful pro-Trump posts and i decided right then that I couldn’t feel obligated to follow blogs anymore haha. Although I still do check out every blog that follows me 🙂 read their about page, a few posts, then possibly a follow back

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          • Yeah, I check them all out, too. But then, unless there’s something super offensive to me, I tend to follow back even if I know I’m never going to read it. Which is stupid really… I mean, I have a lot of followers but how many actually read? I don’t really know… but I’m sure it’s not close to 850! Do people really care about having a big # of followers if they’re not reading? Anyway… I should go through my list, too. It’s kinda big… maybe while I do that I’ll see if there’s anything I think you’d like. What sorts of blogs do you usually like? You know, besides mine. 😛

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            • Lol i like more personal blogs – people writing about their lives, personal poetry, photography blogs. Although sometimes i like food blogs or craft blogs or political/religous ones lol im all over the place really


  2. A Fall Gathering…
    Several years ago, it was decided that we would have a Fall Gathering …the pumpkins were laid by the door with care, a big dried hydrangea wreath was hung on the door, about two dozen hand painted invitations were sent out with fear and trepidation- too many- too few?  The menu plan was for a heavy laden table with […]
    fall entertaining, menu plan, southern food

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