Throwing caution to the wind!

But not really, so before and after reading this post: knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers, do whatever it is that you do to make sure you don’t jinx something. 

So I have been sitting on this for over a week now and it is driving me insane not sharing my good news with ya’ll. As I have said in almost every post since I got home, the universe is aligning in my favour right now.

Last week on Thursday I had that online interview for VIPKID which I was promptly given a contract for (and actually have over half my available time slots filled for next week). But I also had another job interview on Friday that I didn’t mention.

Early last week, on Wednesday, I got a call from my recruiter. I thought they wanted to check in and see how I was doing after the whole leaving Korea early without telling my boss and getting ripped off and treated like crap for a whole year. But she was calling because she had a family she wanted to show my profile to for a nanny position! I think it is their best client – in terms of job duties and benefits and the like.

Now this family on paper sounded amazing: 4 kids (all in school), in Toronto, “live in” but you’d be living in your own apartment provided by the family at a different location, the best pay I had ever seen for an Ontario job, general house hold tasks etc. It sounded AUH-MAZING. So I told my recruiter “um yes that sounds amazing please pass on my information”. So then the mother from this family emailed me to set up a skype date for Friday.

The skype chat went fantastic! We clicked, hit it off, and talked for almost an hour! I learned more about the family and the job. I would be working 3-9 all week plus 9-2 on Saturdays (with the possible Sunday switch), just helping the mom with homework and household things. They are a Christian family (Catholic) and wanted someone who would be comfortable with prayers at meal times and bed time and felt ok in a Christian home. No problem! The 2nd youngest has asthma and some food allergies – my brother at that age had asthma and he has THE SAME ALLERGIES! It was literally amazing. She was impressed that I was a teacher and wanted that for her kids, but they are all in French schools so she asked if I would be ok taking a class to touch up my French skills. No problem!

It was the youngest’s birthday and Halloween weekend so I didn’t expect to hear from her for a few days. I didn’t even have time to stand up from my computer and she had emailed about setting up a time this week for me to drive to Toronto and meet the family. But Tuesday rolled around and I hadn’t heard from her. I sent an email inquiring if Thursday would work (which is the day I picked on Friday). My recruiter hadn’t heard anything either so she sent an email and called on my behalf.

Wednesday morning, after fretting over it for a few days, I got a call from my recruiter that the mom would contact me to set up a time for Thursday! YES!!! We arranged for me to be there from 2:30-8 or 8:30 for a “practical day”.

I drove down, and it went SO WELL. It was piano day so their teacher was at the house, we did homework, the mom left me alone with 3 of the kids while she took the eldest to choir practice and was shocked when she got back an hour later that all homework was finished and we were all quiet up stairs either watching tv or playing a game. She looked like she might cry.

This family also billets international students in their homes (they have something like 8 of them right now). In the main house there are the male students, and in another house female students. That’s where I would be living if I get this job. Everyone eats all together at the other house for dinner, so we walked over and I got to meet everyone there (except the father who was working).

It was the best “interview” I’ve ever had. I felt so comfortable and at home. The family was so welcoming. Apparently the 2nd youngest NEVER likes girl babysitters but I was the exception to that rule. I ended up staying until almost 9:30, and was actually paid for my time! That was a shock to me! How often do you get paid for an interview? The mom even wrote me a little thank you card and had the kids (and the dog) sign it. Adorable.

The mom says she is considering two other applicants but that I was the front runner for it. She was only concerned about my level of French. I told her that I would be more than willing to study on my own and I have actually already contracted a friend of mine who teaches French Immersion for any suggestions to get me started.

So now it’s a waiting game again. The eldest child has their birthday this weekend so I think they will be busy with that and I don’t expect to hear anything until maybe the middle of next week. But I want this. It just feels right ya know? And it gives me time to do English lessons in the morning, blogging after that and then watching the kids in the evening.

Alright, we’ve come to the end! Do your anti-jinxing rituals now!


12 thoughts on “Throwing caution to the wind!

  1. I absolutely LOVE ❤️ your blog!! Feel free to stop by and visit mine too! I am definitely following along your journey now! I can’t throw glitter…..but here’s some confetti 🎉🎉🎉🎉 for your amazing site!



  2. Just wanted to stop by and say I am OBSESSED with the name of your site. Love! I found your site over at the meet and greet and am so happy I did. Stop by mine any time as well and looking forward to reading more or your stuff!

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