And there’s the 3rd

I posted two days ago about two really good things that have happened for me this past week, and now I have a third! 

In true Canadian form, I got rid of my winter boots before moving to Korea last fall. I knew that I wouldn’t be needing them, and since I had originally planned to stay at least two years, I didn’t want the boots just collecting dust here in my parent’s basement.

Well, one year later and here I am. Bootless and in November.

But then my mama told me that a shoe store is having a sale!! I LOVE SALES! Especially on winter boots. I am over the Ugg imitation boots, which keep my feet warm for all of 10 minutes before soaking my socks and then making my socks and boots smell all winter (you know what I’m talking about!)

My last pair of boots was a deviation away from the Ugg style and I loved them. They laced up, almost reached my knee, were black with faux fur at the top, kept my feet toasty toasty! Yet alas, they are gone. And I was sad.

Until today!! I looked at the American website for this store (since the Canadian one doesn’t show their styles) and found my boots! They are on sale too!! And adorable! I called the closest store to my house (a 45 minute drive) and not only did they have them, AND in my size, they are able to hold them until mama and I can get there either tomorrow or Saturday.

Totally amazing! And so cute! Warm to -22, easy to clean, lace up, fold down top which I can lift and lace up for extra warmth on my legs. *sigh* I think I’m in love.

Women's Whiteout Cuff Down Boot, White, hi-res


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