The Terrorist

So I have some blame to dish out. Let’s all blame The Terrorist.

Meet The Terrorist (aliases include but are not limited to: D’Artagnan, Fuffy, Fuff, Goobers, Goobs, Fuff Face, hey you, Dingus)


Now I know he looks all innocent here, but he is, in fact, a terrorist. He plots his attack and when you least expect it BAM there it is.

This is my mom’s dog. I’m sure you remember him from the picture I posted earlier this week

Look at him back there, looking all happy. Most of the time he is like that. Super cute. But then, out of the blue (usually when my dog, the other one in the picture, is getting too much attention) he snaps. Literally snaps. Just growls and bites and anything near him. He’s a lunatic!

But then he also looks like this:

Super cute! Trying to distract me from my blog writing with those big brown eyes!

In the mornings, I like to just sit and relax while eating breakfast. In Korea I would do this with my computer on my lap, reading emails and doing bloggy things. Now, the computer is in my room and I am downstairs with the fur babies while everyone else sleeps. I get my coffee and food, sit down and watch some tv. And then this happens:


Well, once The Terrorist is seated, you don’t get to move. My leg fell asleep in that picture there and I went to uncross my ankles, which woke him up. He turned his little head to glare at me and then growled at me. Once he gets angry at you, he’s basically angry at you for the whole day. So my writing has taken a back seat.

Once someone else gets up and I am free from my personal leg warmer, it’s onto other important things for the day. And then it’s 3pm and I still haven’t typed out that post that has been sitting in my head since 7am haha.

This morning, since there was nothing of interest on tv (seriously tv, what ever happened to Saturday morning Bugs Bunny?!) I decided to fill my time with pinterest. Which resulted in my “Giggles Every Day!” board growing. I was sitting there giggling to myself with a snoring dog to one side of me (Clooney), and a sleeping dog on my lap (D’Artagnan)

The Terrorist didn’t like me giggling, apparently it was too much noise for him so early in the morning. What a diva… But whatever.

Since it’s Saturday, please enjoy some giggles also (all photos courtesy of pinterest):

And she's prolly on the rag, haha:


Ester Dowd:


It works too, my car broke down next to a park not even 30 feet from the main road, so I pulled over took a look to see if I could figure it out and not even 2 minutes after I pulled over a guy came over from the park and asked if I needed help. I got free oil because of this.:


Valentine's Day PDF cross stitch pattern. Funny by ShopDeLorai:

48d63fc09928ccff61c018df056e9890.jpg (736×552):

Happy weekend folks!



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