Doris meets the Famjam

It’s been a busy week for Doris, meeting lots of new people. 

It’s also been a busy week for me! I have been working on some things that are super exciting and that I will hopefully be able to share with ya’ll in a few days or so. I’m definitely riding a “omg I am not going to jinx it” wave, even though I feel like I already have.


Last night my uncle came over for dinner. It was one of my dad’s brothers (this is Brother 3 out of 4). Right before we were about to say grace (yeah we are a saying grace family!) Brother 4’s girlfriend calls and says that she and Brother 4 will be at Brother 3’s house later on that night. And that Brother 1, his wife, and their eldest son will be there also.

Still following?

So this cousin of mine is in his mid-late 40’s or 50’s. Probably at least 50 something. His daughter is a month older than I am. Yes – his DAUGHTER. So he’s kind of old. Anyways, he lives in Calgary (Alberta) and we live in Huron county (Ontario) but he was visiting for 10 days. They had a special Thanksgiving Dinner last weekend since he was home. It was on Saturday, I flew in on Sunday. Last night was his last night here as he is heading back to Calgary in a few hours.

Brother 3 says that I am welcome to come over to his house and see everyone and have some time with my cousin. So I agree and drive myself over there after dinner (it was nice because my mom doesn’t like Brother 3 so when he was over for dinner it was all quiet and awkward). As soon as I get there, Brother 4 and his girlfriend are already there and the girlfriend asks me about my hair. So it shows that my mom hasn’t been sharing my private details with everyone since she asked me when I changed the shape and colour of my hair. She had seen it on Facebook but didn’t know when I changed it.

Well that’s because it’s Doris of course! I got Doris almost a year and a half ago but I didn’t wear her full time until I moved to Korea, so none of my extended family has seen her (they didn’t see me when I was home in July).

I just say “oh ya know a while ago”. And carry on listening to Brother 4 try to explain the difference between the American league and Major league in Baseball and how many rounds were in the baseball “stanley cup” playoffs and that it is now the last round of the playoffs so whoever wins this series of games gets the baseball “stanley cup” (I’m really not joking I know nothing about baseball).

Then Brother 1 shows up with his wife and my cousin (plus the best friends of my aunt and uncle). So my cousin makes a bee-line across the room and we chat for the rest of the night. The only reason I went out there was to see him since I never get to see him. We’re both kind of in education and he’s a great person to talk to. Now that I am older of course…considering I am the same age as his younger daughter.

My aunt was sitting with B4’s girlfriend and they were talking about my hair – I could hear them, but I wasn’t part of the conversation. Apparently they both think the new colour and style looks good on me, makes me look “more mature” or something.

But not once did I ever mention that it was Doris and not my natural hair. I don’t know what it is, I was sooooo nervous about debuting Doris to the family. Not to my friends, most of them are privy to the Doris situation, but with family it is totally different. I’m not sure why though. Friends will come and go but family is forever. And in all honesty, I’m going to say that its my dad’s DNA that is mostly to blame for this. I even tell people who I’m not really that close to (you guys, random acquaintances etc) but family is just different.

Well the evening ended with no further questions on it – although I kind of made it hard for conversation. The men were watching baseball, the women all on the couch. And then Cousin was sitting in a chair off to the side and I was sitting on the floor beside. I eventually kind of zoned out and then realized how late it was, excusing myself from the little get together to sneak off home.

I’m glad that initial outing for Doris is over (and that I got to see Cousin before he left!). It was something that I was super nervous about. But still not sure how I feel about it? Emotions are hard ya’ll.


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