I’ve been back in Canada now for 5 days, and I have to say that I’m transitioning really well. Or at least I hope that I am. 

I have been really surprised at how unaffected I have been with jet lag during this transition time. But I think I have figured out why! I landed in Toronto at 3 in the afternoon on Sunday, and have been very consistent with my sleep schedule since then. It’s been amazing. Landing in the afternoon is my key to avoiding jet lag.

Usually flying back into Canada, I arrive later in the day/night. Anywhere from 7pm to midnight. But arriving at 3 made such a huge difference. I was able to stay up for an additional 6 hours, and follow my regular night time routine. That first sleep, I woke up every few hours and eventually was awake for the day at 5:30, but since then it’s just been solid sleeping time. It’s been amazing!

I think another thing that has really helped has been that I haven’t been napping. While I love love love napping, this week I haven’t needed it, or wanted it. It’s great! Now I am back into a regular sleeping schedule and I didn’t have to feel like death to get there. Although the blinds in my bedroom keep all light out so I am no longer woken up by the soft morning light streaming onto my face (like what happened in Korea). So perhaps I will have to set an alarm to wake up….or just sleep with the blinds open….

In other terms, the transitions for life have been good too. I’ve already been in contact with my bank, my recruiter, researched some cell phone plans for whenever I decide to hook up my phone again, gotten back into driving (although I’m a little jumpy and extra cautious after not driving for almost a year), and have stopped speaking in broken English. It is a truly great feeling to be able to have a conversation in full English without having to shorten sentences or change around grammar to make it easier to understand.

I haven’t started to see any friends yet though. I gave myself a little bit of time to settle before filling up my schedule. I do have a few plans for next week to see some people around here. Mr. Infatuation has a new girlfriend in his life, so I probably won’t be seeing him anytime soon. He is one of those people who completely disappear once he gets a girl friend. Just another reason why we call him Magoo.

The only thing that I haven’t really been able to transition back into has been my blogging habits. I used to wake up and read all the new posts from the previous 24 hours, answer comments, and then make a new post. All before 10am. This was easy since most of the new posts came in while I was sleeping. Now I struggle to keep to posting at consistent times and not reading posts the very instant they come in. I will have to balance out my blog time once I get settled into a new routine. Which might change again after settling into a new job routine as well haha.

*ahhh* It’s so good to be home!


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