Life Lately #22

Lately, I’ve been thinking…about how awesome it is in Canada

Lately, I’ve been feeling…pretty great because I’m back in Canada

Lately, I’ve been wanting…to go to sleep because while it’s not even 9pm in Canada, where I am, it’s almost 10 am Monday morning in Korea, where I am not. 

Lately, I’ve been doing … a lot of sitting, first for over 13 hours on a plane and then another 2 in the car driving from the air port to my house

Lately, I’ve been hoping…that as soon as I finish this, I will get some sleep! Even though it’s not technically Monday yet where I am. Next week it will be on Canada time, since that is where I am, right now, in my parent’s house, in my pj’s, in my bed, in Canada. 

Did I mention I am in Canada? More information on that after I get some sleep.


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