Living out of Three Suitcases

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I have moved 8 times in the last 6 years. Well, this move home will be my eighth. During that time, I have become very skilled, but also very lazy, about packing. 

For the most part, I like to pack at the very last minute. Before starting move number 7 to Korea, I didn’t pack a single item until the day before. Yes! That’s right THE DAY BEFORE. Like yes, I packed up my bedroom, the things I knew for sure I wouldn’t be taking with me (like 3 boxes of children’s books). But as for my clothes and other things I was going to take, I left it all until the day before. Which resulted in my dad having to stop at the store on his way home to pick me up another large suitcase. I’m sure I could have managed with all the little carry-on sized bags I have acquired over the years but who wants to take 3 of them?! haha

I did manage to get everything vacuum sealed and packed in time. I had to leave a few things behind like my favourite pair of ankle boots and a purse. But it all worked out in the end. At least I knew that whatever I left behind was going to be well taken care of since it would be at my parent’s house.

This time, I started organizing myself early last week. I started a pile for “ship home” and a pile for “donate to a friend’s church” and a “leave here pile”. Thinking I still had almost 2 months left to go. But when my contract got changed, the game plan changed! I immediately shipped home a box of clothes, and started to pack right then. Since I am leaving for good, I don’t have the luxury of leaving behind things that I still will want to keep and use in the future.

So now, here I am, with another expected 9 days in this country and I am literally living out of my three suitcases. Everything has it’s place. I have already switched my purses, packed my regular one that I use every day and am now using the one I will take on the plane with me. I have a place all laid out for my laptop, and remaining clothes. I just rotate in and out the clothes that I am wearing. I think I’ve got it all worked out to fit. This time if I leave an item behind, I say goodbye to it forever. I have to be very careful about making sure I don’t leave anything important.

My plan of having my carry-on nestled inside a large bag like a little Russian nesting doll didn’t work. It would have if all I was only taking clothes home. But of course I’m not, I have my knitting supplies and my floss box, my shoes, my toiletries, a few books. I can’t fit my beautiful pink umbrella into any of the bags so it regrettably must be left here.

A part of me really likes the fact that my life fits into three suitcases. I don’t have a lot of extra things to take up space. I don’t consider myself to be a mass consumer, or addicted to things. It’s a nice feeling. But it’s also a little jarring to see how easily my whole life can fit into three suitcases.


5 thoughts on “Living out of Three Suitcases

  1. It’s during these times that we really find out what we truly need, vs what we want. I can’t imagine the emotions that must be surging through your right now, and the excitement of what’s to follow. The countdown continues!

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    • Yes most definitely. But I’m not exactly sure how I can justify 20 “Babysitter’s Club” books that I bought last summer a few months before I decided to move to Korea so they are just chilling with the other books in my parent’s basement. I’m sure “The Stinky Cheese Man” and the many many Dr. Seuss books are keeping them company hehe.

      And yes SO many emotions as the clock slowly runs down. My “Life Lately” on Monday will be just glowing I am sure.

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    • This is very true. I’m sure I will never be a hoarder, but sometimes I just can not help myself when it comes to something super cute. Like the penguin painting I bought when I was on vacation haha! Where it was wearing a crown and holding a lollipop? I HAD to have it. I walked around the store with it in my arms like a little child carries a book too big for them. Cute things are my weakness

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