My Life…

At the school, even though we are “closing at the end of the month” most classes that I teach started new books this month. These books last for two months. Of course, they probably “didn’t know” that we would be closing when they ordered the books. 

The past few weeks my classes haven’t had much free time. Whenever we get a new student, start a new book, students level up or down, etc, the classes are a little crazy.

Well these weren’t just new books, they were a new company as well so it’s been a little bit of a learning curve. The material has been filling the entire class time. But this week, we’ve finally settled in to a good routine where we have free time again.

In my one class, there are only two girls. In our free time, we watch the same two music videos over and over again. The first one, BTS “Blood Sweat and Tears” is the newest music video out for the k-pop group BTS. The first time I watched it, I actually asked the girls if all the members were boys…. Take a watch and I’m sure you’ll understand why (you can turn on subtitles if you want to know what they are saying)

I actually kind of like this song now that I’ve watched the music video 4 classes in a row. The first day we watched it, it was the very first day it was released, and the mega fan A hadn’t seen it yet. I only wish someone would look at me the same way she looked at the screen while watching this music video.

Image result for royalty free images hands on chin in love face

Of course there has been a new introduction to the music line up. Now we have a little more time since we all hate the book (it’s literally ridiculous) and I write all the answers in my book ahead of time so I don’t have to listen to the CD track multiple times to get the answers. So now we watch “Blood Sweat and Tears” as well as “Run”

Now I’m kind of surprised here. For a country that is as conservative as South Korea, both of these music videos are a little over the top. The first one has one of the BTS drinking absinthe (yes, even a naive good girl like me knows what that is!) and the second video is apparently all about how one of the members took drugs and he’s tripping out. So I’m officially confused haha.

8 thoughts on “My Life…

    • The first song is actually really catchy! I like it! But yes, most definitely like that! I’d probably say Korean BSB since they’ve been around for a really long time. But they are “pretty boys” so maybe more one direction? lol


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