I’ve been having super weird dreams lately. But this usually happens when I am super stressed.

My stress dreams are almost always the same: in my dream I am smoking and then I wake up and crave cigarettes for about a week.

Lately I have been SUPER stressed as I’m sure you can imagine, being told I have 2.5 weeks left in a foreign country instead of 6.5 is super stressful.

So that reflects in my dreams! A few nights ago I had a dream about this guy I used to know when I was in university. I worked at grocery store in a small plaza. Across the hall was a seafood restaurant. He was a bartender there.

He was super sexy in that “you’re 20, he’s 42 but looks early 30’s, rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket and smokes so he has that “bad boy” vibe but hes married and really such a sweet guy who calls you sunshine or smiley (probably because he can’t be bothered to learn your name), winks at you whenever he walks away from a conversation” kind of way.

He was a regular feature in my life for about 3 years, he introduced me to his wife (who was so perfectly matched to him). On nights that a friend and I would close the grocery store, he’d make sure the kitchen made us a pizza before they closed and kept the bar open an extra 10 minutes so we could get a drink too. He made a mean gin and bar lime!

But I haven’t seen him since I was 22. 7 freaking years! SEVEN! I never think about him. But then he shows up in my dream! And now I can’t stop thinking about him.

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