My apologies

Hey ya’ll, so I know I’ve been a little quiet lately, so I thought I’d just check in.Β 

How are ya’ll doing? I’ve been reading your posts, don’t worry! I just haven’t really had the time to be making my own. Most of you know that my contract here has been terminated early and I need to be out of my apartment by November 1st. So this week has been a little bit cray cray with the packing and the cancelling of internet and phone and changing the days of my flights and all that. Being organized takes a lot of work!

First of all, I’ve shipped home a box of clothes! I was a little worried that the shipping crisis still wasn’t resolved but don’t worry, it has been. I sent a huge box home on Monday of all my summer clothes. I hope it gets home because I don’t want to lose the contents! The lady at the post office was a little concerned that I would be going home before it would make it to Canada (1-2 months is her estimate) so what happens if it is undelivered? Well it comes back here. I put a friend’s phone number just in case.

I have FINALLY finished my dental quest. It’s going to be weird not heading back to the dentist next week. I’ve been there once a week since August so it’s all part of my routine now haha.

In some pretty great news! I was checking my emails and was notified thatΒ The Mindy Project twitter account started following me! WHAT!? It’s real guys! I checked and there is a blue check mark and every thing! I have to admit it made my night! πŸ™‚

For an extra dose of cuteness, here’s some hippos

Image result for royalty free images canadian hippo


17 thoughts on “My apologies

  1. I hope you manage to get everything sorted in time, I know how stressful moving a couple of hours down the road can be let alone halfway across the world! I wish you all the luck that everything goes smoothly!

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    • Thanks so much! I think I have most of it sorted so far. The internet was cancelled today…well pre-cancelled. Phone I just have to do the day of. Those two were the main things. Now it’s just packing and going. I’m going to start packing tomorrow. Try to get my three suitcases into two. I think if I pack VERY carefully, I can pack one suitcase and my carry-on and then put my carry-on INSIDE the other suitcase. Fingers crossed it works haha.

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      • Sounds like an intricate game of tetris with russian dolls (you know the dolls that have dolls knside them and then another one inside that one etc) thrown in too! I will keep my fingers crossed for you so you don’t ha e to as im sure that would make packing so much harder! Haha

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        • Thanks!! It is a little like a Russian Doll. These two suitcases (a big one and the carry-on) are part of a set so the smaller one does fit inside the larger one. I really think I can do it! lol I will try today but can’t pack all of my things since I still have to work and stuff. Can’t just wear PJs all day every day.

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