The end of my Asian saga

Well there has been some major developments in my life over the last two days. 

After the super fantastic end to Tuesday and beginning of Wednesday, I went into work and was told that we had a staff meeting. Odd, since we usually get about a week’s notice for them. So we go to the staff meeting and we are told that at the end of the month, the school will be closed.

What does that mean?!?!

Well it means that, less than a week after I booked my flight home for November 29th, I had to change them. After another $217 I changed my flights and actually got a direct flight instead of having to stop in Vancouver! Sweet deal. I leave at 3pm and arrive in Toronto at 3pm. I love the direct flights since it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost any time.

My new end date is October 31st, and I need to be out of my apartment by November 1st. One day turn around just like before.

In addition to all of that, I need to show my apartment, since the management of the fitness center, who are the current owners of the school (and my apartment), will be selling this apartment for when I leave. So I need to let people in, show them around, etc. Good thing it’s only one room!

Now that I have the answers to the questions I had yesterday and my flight is successfully changed, I am able to stop slamming my head into that brick wall I posted earlier. The October 31st deadline means that instead of 6.5 weeks left, I have 2.5. Which sounds great since I will be home so fast BUT now I’m panicking to get ready in time. No more procrastination for me.


21 thoughts on “The end of my Asian saga

  1. Great news that you get to go home early but I am left with the question of why is the school closing? I feel so out of the blogging loop!


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