Wonderful Wednesday

Ya know what, it’s Wednesday. The middle of the week. So I need a little bit of happiness to make it to Friday!

  1. It’s Wednesday!! The week is almost half over!
  2. Haven’t had the aircon on all week at home!
  3. 48 days until I go home!
  4. Two of my “nail obsession” packages arrived in the mail! 1 week earlier than the earliest delivery date!
  5. My carry-on is packed! Not mailed yet, I’m still trying to find little locks for the zipper haha
  6. My brother got a job offer! (in August his boss told him “you have 3 months left” then a few weeks later said “You still get paid until November but you don’t have to come in anymore”) He starts on the 17th!

There is more but do you ever have something really good happen and then you tell people and make it public and then it doesn’t pan out and you think that you’ve jinxed it? Well I’ve already told a few people and I think that I have hit the max number of people before it gets jinxed. Just be SUPER happy for me guys cos it’s AMAZING. Or I hope it will be. Like really really amazing. I feel like I’m just jinxing it further…..

Happy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. Oh my God…oh my God….I’m not jinxing it if I guess and I guess you got the jobby job? Fingers crossed! You can slap me if this is old news. I was busy playing driver, butler, teacher, maid, bitch, chef, etc to my wanna be helpless children. 😉

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