Well it’s about time!

Last night, I slept with my window open. I could hear the lovely sounds of swooshing wind outside, but my apartment was not blessed with the wind actually blowing in my window. 

Half way through the night, it was so cold in my apartment I had to actually get a blanket. Sleeping without one is a little weird at first, but when it’s too hot you just get used to it. I have decided that I don’t want to use my aircon any more this year. It’s October! No self-respecting Canadian uses their aircon in OCTOBER.

I woke up and my apartment had dropped from 25 to 23 over night! What a feat! But my 9am it was back up to 25, and by 10 it was 26 in my place. I knew that outside would be a little cooler so when I started to get ready for the day, I opted for jeans but with sandals and a t-shirt.

I left my apartment – just for some time away from my bed. I packed up my laptop and wallet and went to a cafe. Not Starbucks! I’m breaking that addiction right now! Have to kick it before I get back to Canada. But I have found several quality substitutes in the surrounding cafes and juice bars that I should be ok!

As I walked outside, I was immediately frozen! WOOO fall weather has finally arrived in Incheon!! No longer will I be able to go out without a sweater. Unfortunately for me, the light one I would have brought with me today was just washed this morning. Hopefully with the lack of humidity and the presence of wind, it will dry quickly!

I am soooo happy that the heat has left! I am excited for the countdown of weeks here in Korea. This weather will make for fantastic sight-seeing days. For the remainder of my stay here, I have just a few things that I want to accomplish:

  1. Han River – I seriously need to make it there. There is no excuse anymore! I will go next weekend! I promise!! Unless it is raining, but I don’t think there is any rain in the forecast. I might even rent a bike! (it’s been at least 15 years since I’ve ridden an actual bike…)
  2. Incheon China Town – apparently I really need to go here. I have never been (obvi) but hear that it is amazing. So it is on the list!
  3. Paju – at first this was never on my list of things to do. But I was really upset that I never got to go to the DMZ the last time I was in Korea. If I go to Paju, I will be able to see North Korea without the added trouble of having to go through all the security checks and limitations of the guided tours at the DMZ. I just want to SEE North Korea. That’s it. And at least if I go to Paju, it’s far enough away that I think my mom would be ok with the idea of me going there.

Of course there are other things that I have planned as well:

  • using up the remainder of my nail salon credit. I have about 48,000 left on my account and hope that next weekend they will actually put polish on my nails. Last time they said my nails were too weak. They are always weak. (just a little side note: anyone have any tips to make nails stronger? I heard calcium supplements are suppose to work?)
  • book club: I’ll have one more book club meeting before I go. I get to host again, although I’m not sure what we will talk about. The book that I put into the hat is my all time favourite book Ella Enchanted. It is written for pre-teens so I’m not too sure how much discussion we will get out of it haha!
  • D&D: the lovely group that I play with is trying to squeeze in two more sessions before I go. They are super sweet! I think we are going to be meeting in a few weeks
  • The dentist: with this root canal over, I am super excited to get the rest of my mouth fixed up and have a super amazing cleaning. Apparently there looks to only be one small cavity which, as my hygienist said, “that’s easy peasy”. She’s adorable.

So now I sit in this cafe, enjoying the lovely lazy Sunday that I have ahead of me. Thinking what things I want to pack up and ship home next week, wishing I was at home for Thanksgiving this weekend, and regretting that i don’t have a Korean power cord for my laptop so I could stay out longer.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone! And for those Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!


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