Fantabulous Friday

Lets start the weekend with some good news!

First: finally finished my dental work! The root canal was finished a few weeks ago and now the crown is in place! Tjey were going to just to a temp cement today but they stuck it on there permanently. My bite seemed good in the office but eating lunch was a little off. Im sure thats only natural.

Second: since the root canal is finally done, I can FINALLY get that cleaning done. Its scheduled for next Friday with the purpose of seeing if there are any small cavities to fix up before I go home. I am excited.

Third: my boss confirmed my last working day as November 28th.

Fourth: After having to skype with my credit card company at 10pm last night to see why my card wasnt working (balance was short $100 of what was needed) I HAVE BOOKED MY FLIGHT HOME!

Fifth: my flight home is pretty amazing! Leaving Korea around 6pm at night on the 29th, and flying to Vancouver. I get to Vancouver at 10am ON THE 29TH! Then fly to Toronto and drive home by around midnight. I cant wait!


4 thoughts on “Fantabulous Friday

  1. Congrats on the root canal! I’ve had one -or two – done before, and it’s such a process! The flight home will be here sooner than you think, but it must seem like such a long time away.


    • Thanks Rob! 🙂 The root canal wasn’t as painful as I was expecting. Still painful enough, just not as bad as people said. But I wasn’t expecting it to take two months to complete!

      I hope the flight comes quickly. I’m actually going to try to start packing this weekend haha! Start shipping stuff home.

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