My Downward Spiral into Geekdom

Guys….I literally never thought I’d be here…

And I love it! Like seriously, I have no idea what is going on half the time but I am having SO much fun.

Last night was the third meeting of my Dungeons and Dragons group, you can read about the other meetings here and here. (I just saw what I named my last post and sat here giggling to myself for a few minutes….it’s too early…)

Two out of the 3 other players in our group (not including the game master) were at book club on Saturday and I called dibs on the pink 20 sided dice once more. It worked so well for me last time, that I wasn’t going to give it up. Plus, we all know me! I needs the pink! The pink is my soul mate.

We met again yesterday, I was at the cafe over an hour early, which was ok. I got a drink and grabbed a table. But it was too small and waited patiently for a group of 3 people to leave one of the only two tables that sat 6 people. Really it’s the only table, the other “table” is 3 tables pushed together so it’s kind of small and squishy. The people didn’t leave by the time the rest of the group got there, but one of our group was brave enough to ask to switch tables with them. They were kind enough to oblige.  The game master saw that it was reserved last night, so we are going to try to do that for next time.

Yesterday before we started, we added a new person to our group. Which is nice, 5 in the band of travelers plus the game master. It’s a good group and I am sure that our new player will fit nicely into the silliness.

Also before we started, the group gifted me a set of my own dice! It was sooo sweet! And not only that, they are PINK dice filled with GLITTER. And came in a little pouch that was baby pink and blue with a SINGING PENGUIN. (Do we see how I might not fit into this world?)


My team knows me very well.

As the game started to progress I learned something new: I could DIE!

I literally had no idea that I could DIE! I came kind of close, my hit points were at zero but one of the other players took his turn to heal me. Awesome! Back in the game!

Of course, there was a little confusion on my part around some other things, like the abilities/appearance/personalities of certain creatures but that was all sorted out…eventually. Trying to get a frame of reference is hard when they suggest WOW (which is world of warcraft I think?) and game of thrones which I have no idea about either, so I get simple things like “it’s like a zombie” which is totally cool! THAT I can understand.

I did get the reference to “parlay”, because being a good Disney girl that I am, I am fully versed in the Pirates franchise. And being the thief character, I follow along the “pirates code”, but actually follow the rules…no mere guideline business for me! Except with grammar of course.

Image result for the rules are more like guidelines

provided via google

The game ended on a good note, by 10, when I was literally about ready to just pass out on the table. Sleep is a magical thing folks.

While I am still a terrifying shadow of stabbiness (one player suggested I get that as a tattoo. She shouldn’t joke, I could actually do it…I want a new tattoo so badly…) we did all move up to level 3 (except the new player who will be there shortly) and I got a few new things added on, like I’m now an “arcane trickster” which means I can be sneaky, stabby AND use magic. Like a magical hand that I can use from far away to reach out and grab things, steal things, and I can make it invisible. Awesome.

So I am getting sucked further and further down the rabbit hole, but loving the entire journey. I can take my character sheet with me when I leave so I could potentially join another group when I go back to Canada, but will it be the same? I doubt it. I’m not sure if an already established group will be so understanding to my lack of knowledge haha.

As for the pink 20 sided dice from last time, it has been shunned. At first one of the other ladies playing was using it, and it was providing the same awesome results that I had last time. But then it started to slip. Offering up small numbers – just to show you that we are all at the mercy of the dice, and it was switched out.

Just to send that message home, if you have time take a look at this comic, because it’s hilarious! Fated by Jasmine Walls

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