Hello October, one day late

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So it took me much longer than it should have to pick out a “hello October” picture. There were just way too many to choose from which were beautiful and full of fall awesomeness.

I love fall! The change in weather and the trees, the excitement for Christmas and winter. It’s perfect!

One amazing thing about October is that, after October comes November and in November I GO HOME! So awesome. 58 Days!

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty nice. It’s Sunday of a 3 day weekend. A day I get to just sit at home and rest. I might actually try to write more in the book I started in January. The one that I wrote one chapter for and then stopped writing. Might give it a try!

I could start the next book club book, which just happens to be me all time favourite book! Ella Enchanted, but in all honesty, it only takes me a few hours to read and I literally just finished reading it on Thursday. I could give it another go, maybe closer to November 12th which is the next meeting – it will also be my last book club meeting! Which is why I get to host again. One last time… 😦

But for the most part, it’s going to be a lazy Sunday. Probably grab a nap, since I realized 8pm Mexican food leads to very weird and scary dreams. It’s suppose to be a rainy day today, already off to a little bit of a drizzly start.

If you’re having a lazy day too, send me a message! I always check my comments! How do you enjoy your lazy days?

Having an even lazier day?! Write me an email and tell me a story – funny, sad, hopeful. Doesn’t matter 😉 I’d love to read it! noloveforfatties@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “Hello October, one day late

  1. It’s Saturday night and I did not leave the house today. It was rainy and yucky and I was feeling tired and a little bit sick. Lazy. I thought my husband was going to go out for a bit… with the kids… and I was kind of looking forward to a few hours alone… but with the rain and all, that didn’t happen.

    I used to like fall. And winter, too. But now, fall is when the sunshine slowly fades, days get shorter… And even though I’m a night person, not enough sunlight has a negative effect… I think I have S.A.D. I feel like the failure of the family, so Thanksgiving usually makes me anxious. Then winter comes… the days are even shorter… and Christmas comes… and I dread it.

    I used to love Christmas. Now it’s just money. It’s all about money. Money spent, money wasted, lack of money… ugh. I hate how everything is about money… but it just is. My kids love Christmas so that makes it better. But even as they get super excited opening gifts, I’m looking at the stuff thinking… wow, look at all that money… and where the hell are we going to put that stuff? And if I, myself, get gifts that aren’t money or giftcards… all I can think is how it would probably be better if I had the money rather than the gift. (And then all the other gift issues as previously discussed in the other post.) I know, it’s terrible that I think all of these things… but sadly, Christmas is nothing but stress for me now.

    And there are my depressing thoughts. Haha… sorry.

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    • I think almost everyone is getting rain, me, you, my friends in Canada. I guess it comes with the season.

      I think SAD is a very serious thing and people don’t always put as much emphasis on it as they should. I know people who don’t even believe it’s a real thing and that makes me so angry.

      As for the holidays, I feel like a failure during them too. No permanent job at the moment, no place of my own, no husband or children (it doesn’t matter if I want them or not, I need to have them). Those are the main areas of discussion with me and my relatives. But I do love the family time at home. And it’s not even anything big, just the noise in the house from having the immediate family all under one roof (parents, brother and me), that just warms my heart.

      I’m sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed and depressed with the holidays! I just want to give you a big big hug and tell you everything is going to be alright! (so just imagine that happening ok?) I am sending all of my positive thoughts your way in hopes that they reach you! ❤

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      • Aww, thanks. That’s so sweet of you. There are some good things about the holidays, of course. The four of us (me, husband, kids) spend the night at Mom’s on Christmas Eve. My single sister is there and my other sister with her husband and son… (and not the nutjob one who doesn’t speak to most of us…) So Christmas morning is reminiscent of my childhood… waking up in my parents’ house. There’s some sadness since my dad passed away… but I think that makes it even more important for us to be there with Mom.

        Oh… and my brother-in-law is a chef so we always have amazing food…

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