WordPress Worries

HAHA! I have a solution for my WordPress problems. 

This Akismet thing has been a problem for me since I started my WordPress adventure over a year ago now. I have talked to some Happiness Engineers about it, but with no luck. Yesterday, I finally got a little bit of resolution about it.

First of all, Sandra over at What Sandra Thinks is the most amazing, wonderful, incredible unicorn there is.

Image result for britney s pierce i'm a unicorn

Not only is she a great writer, in both poetry and prose, google searcher extraordinaire, but she is a pretty great human being as well. And now to add onto all that, WordPress guru.

Upon her advice, I went to my Dashboard and sound the settings tab. Then went to the discussions heading. In there, are the options for Akismet: strict or safe. I had mine set to strict which means that all the comments that Akismet deems to be spam are just deleted without me seeing them at all (like the 30 over the weekend). Safe means that all the comments will show up in the spam queue.

Now 6 months or so ago when I had this problem, the Happiness Engineers told me nothing about this! Not one thing. I was basically just told that “that’s how it goes” and I had no choice in the matter.

Before talking to Sandra, I had sent a query off to Akismet directly. They replied and said that I could disable the plug-in completely. Which was great news! I tried to follow their instructions but couldn’t find what they were talking about, so I broke down and went to live-chat with the Happiness Engineers.

I got paired up with an Alicia. We chatted for probably 30-40 minutes about this problem, and the whole time she was patient and understanding. I was probably not….

BUT in the end we got it all sorted! Unless I go to self-hosting (which is the worst idea besides me becoming a rocket scientist) I can’t get rid of Akismet completely. She even contacted Akismet herself to see if we were doing everything right to fix the problem. She then emailed me her findings within 20 minutes! Amazing. She’s probably a unicorn too, but I don’t know her well enough to really tell.

Anyways, bottom line: The comment thing is now (hopefully) fixed forever, and I have proof that they are real unicorns in the world, not just Britney S. Pierce from Glee.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress Worries

  1. I am so glad I was able to help. I don’t know that gettig rid of Akismet completely would be a good idea anyway. I know it can be really sucky and cause headaches, but without it, I imagine you’d get a LOT of spam comments to deal with rather than have them put aside for review.

    And of course, I’m happy to help any way I can!

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