For the Americans

Maybe this will help you with your upcoming vote?


13 thoughts on “For the Americans

    • I don’t think I’ve ever known a Trump supporter before. Could you tell me why you’re considering voting for him? I’ve never heard of this G Johnson person though. I don’t want to start a big thing here, just want to know your opinion 🙂 I’m interested in politics and like to know people’s opinions


      • Not so much a Trump supporter as much as I am an anti Hillary. He seems more pro America and doesn’t want to open our borders to every tom dick and harry who may want a piece of the American pie. (Though now a days, I don’t understand why anyone would want in here). He plans on trying to keep jobs in this country. I don’t know if I am as ‘Pro America/America is the Best’ as he and his supporters are. I just think it’s important for our citizens to be able to live and make a wage and not rely on the government (which I think is their final goal, honestly…easier to control). While, a lot of times, his mouth gets him in trouble, he does not sugarcoat things. He is unabashedly honest. To a fault. He hurts feelings, yes, but I’d rather that than Hillary lying like she does. Hillary is the fakest, brown noser I’ve ever seen. She is pandering to a socioeconomic class she has no idea about. She is trying to pull the black and Hispanic vote. Which is mostly lower class. In no way has she ever been lower class to the point that they are. She is an out and out liar. And speaking or race. It seems like there has never been a point in our social history that we’ve been so divided and focused on race. Well, except for the whole Jim Crowe era and slavery, etc. but that is over. We’ve now come to a different form of slavery. We as citizens are slaves to our government when they should be working for us. And they (even Obama) highlight every form of racism around. I mentioned to a friend earlier that I wonder if other continents and countries–Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, many others–do they focus on race as much as the US does? It’s embarrassing and not kind to the one race that’s important. The human race. Our society and government is totally screwed. It’s sickening. Research Gary Johnson. I don’t know if he has much of a chance, since he’s not part of the 2 part establishment party–which is absurd in itself. Establishment parties have gotten us into debt, sold guns to people who want us as American citizens dead. Our politicians love of power is absolutely dangerous. And I know and believe Hillary Clinton is a fiend for that power. I can and will not trust her as far as I can throw her. As a woman, she does NOT represent me and I would be ashamed to have her as a leader of our country.

        I found this little tid bit online about the presidential debate last night. I didn’t fact check it all, but believe it. She is despicable as a person.
        –Things this biased Lester Holt clown conveniently “forgot” to bring up:
        -Her Email Scandal
        -The fact she takes Saudi Money
        -Her admission of calling KKK member Byrd a mentor
        -Lying under oath on video to
        -Deplorables comment
        -Stealing election from Bernie
        -Clinton Foundation
        -Her plans for more refugees
        -Her laughing at defending a rapist she knew was guilty
        -Her health or passing out on camera
        -Her constantly defending her husband, the womanizer
        -Not giving but 5-6% of the Clinton Foundation money to actual charity
        -Making hundreds of millions in speaking fees
        -Flying everywhere in a private jet but pushing man made climate change
        -Destabilizing a good portion of the Middle East while she was Secretary of State
        -Vince Foster
        -Donors to her Clinton Foundation becoming ambassadors
        -Her voting to go to war in Iraq
        -Death of Seth Rich
        -Numerous people who worked under their administration who came up dead or murdered
        -Earthquake relief in Haiti
        -Her 3 billion estimated worth
        -Her admitted ability to not remember things
        -The hundreds of lies she’s been caught in on video
        -Russian uranium deal

        That’s my 2 cents. 😊

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