Ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind

That’s right – Amazon has made me lose my mind. Not that it hasn’t wandered away before, but now I think it’s completely gone. 

Some of you may remember way back in April when it was my birthday, my parents sent me an Amazon.ca gift card. I was expecting maybe like $100 combined from all three of my family members (my brothers doesn’t “do” birthday gifts) and I had planned to buy a watch with it.

I was utterly shocked when it arrived with $250 on it! I could pick any watch I wanted, but settled on a cute simple one. Black face, metal band, swarovski crystals all around the face. It’s adorable! Since my English address here in Korea never actually got mail to me, I waited until June to order it and had it sent to my parent’s house in Canada. I paid extra to have it gift wrapped, but still had about $150 left on the card.

I decided to wait to purchase anything else since I didn’t know for sure if I would be living in Canada next year or not. Now that I have decided that I will 100% be back in Canada (in 9 weeks and 2 days) I started to look at my wish lists and make a few purchases.

Well I went a little bit crazy.

I wanted to get some things to start my own manicure collection at home. I don’t want to be paying for manicures when I get home. I found this amazing deal on Amazon which gives you a starter bundle, which I wanted to get and then put the rest of my wish list as my Christmas list.

So I started with this:

Vishine Gel Polish Nails (Pick Any 5 Colors) Soak Off + Top Base Coat + 36W UV Lamp + Cleanser Plus Manicure Tools Starter Kit

It’s amazing! The light box, base/top coat, nail care items PLUS 5 polishes! The only problem with this is that there are 236 different colours to choose from! And all you get are these pictures to look at, not a colour list:

I settled on the basic: white (1433), black (1436), red. Then added a nice blue (1465) and a coral. Then I emailed the company with my colour selections. I then emailed again asking for a colour list – which in all fairness is better than the colour swatches on the computer screen. Even more so since I found out that 1434 ISN’T black! Its “dark saddlebrown” But that’s ok. I can deal with it. I’ve already contacted them twice, and I do want as many colours as possible. They have bundles of 12 colours for only $60, which will be on my Christmas list now.

Since this item had no tax and free shipping, I still had quite a lot of money to spend so I went a little bit cray-cray and also added the following items into my cart:

tweexy The Original Wearable Nail Polish Holder, Spa Green

This little device is to hold your nail polish bottles. It’s super cute, but like $15 each. I bought two. One for me, and one for mama. Adorbs!

Set of 4 Quality Professional Nail Art Manicure Pedicure Crystal Glass Nails Files / Filers / Buffers By Set of 4 Quality Professional Nail Art Manicure Pedicure Crystal Glass Nails Files / Filers / Buffers By VAGA

Glass nail files. Not only do they never get dull, you can put them in your dishwasher to clean them! DISHWASHER! Clean and sterilized all in one go! Again, I will keep 2 and give 2 to the mama.

I technically didn’t NEED this, but I got it anyways. A dispenser bottle for liquid. I got one and then realized a few hours later I should get 2, since I’d want it for the polish remover and rubbing alcohol you need for gel nails. So since it had no shipping or taxes I went back and ordered a second one! HAHA

These little caps are amazing. You put the polish remover liquid on a piece of cotton, put the cotton on your nail, and then it has to soak for about 5 minutes. So you place this cap on your finger and just let it sit. Cute!

Great Value Premium Quality Professional Nail Art Accessories Set Kit With 5 Colourful Double Ended Dotting / Marbling Tools / Dotters, 3 Wooden Handled Detailer Brushes / Stripers / Liners, Wheels of 1200 Silver Rhinestones Decorations And of 2400 Crystals / Gemstones Decorations In 12 Different Colours And 10 Rolls Striping Tapes By VAGA®

This is the item that started my “manicure wish list”. I just wanted the dotters (the swirly sticks in the middle) to make dots on my nails for designs. Then got sucked into this whole manicure obsession of mine and the rest just fell into place. So this package comes with the dotters (which I end up with 10 different dot sizes) something like 2000 gems, nail tape AND some brushes for detail work. AMAZING.

Last, but not least, a set of these tweezer type things to pick up all those gems and place the tapes on the nails. Definitely needed a set of these!

So now I have purchased all these things, and my wishlist is officially empty, I still have about $3 left on my gift card HAHA. Got pretty close to using it all up. The only bad thing is that, since each item is from a different amazon store, they are all shipping separately! I emailed my parents to let them know to expect the packages. Thankfully only the first bundle with the light is going to be a big delivery.

Let my new hobby take off!

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