Revamping of Pottermore

Since I literally didn’t see a single Harry Potter movie until I was 23, and didn’t read the books until I was 28, I never got into the whole Pottermore thing. But apparently now the website has been revamped, and since I am officially in love with Harry Potter, I took the plunge. 

Going into this experience, I had read the Buzzfeed articles about people being upset over their new patronus from the new quiz. Some, including the actress who plays Luna Lovegood, were extremely upset that their new patronus was a salmon. But hey, it’s not like you have to keep it as a pet! It’s light that defends you from the Dementors, does it really matter what animal it is?

Like I said, I have never done any of the quizes on Pottermore, and just joined up last night. I was hoping for a hippo patronus, which would be most fitting, but I’m not exactly sure if one of those exists. I love the books and the movies, and the magic that they bring into my life and imagination, but I never really got into the whole “Pottermore” world. And if I’m being honest, I kind of harshly judge my friends who are a year or two older than me and threw Harry Potter a birthday party at the end of July… and have decided to, at the age of 30/31 create a musical group dedicated solely to writing and performing Harry Potter inspired songs… (I apologize if you would fall into this category but….)

SO! I set out all ready to learn what my patronus would be! I went to the Pottermore website and did the quiz. There was only one question I wish I could have answered differently but you are told that you only have about 5 seconds to select an answer before it moves on without you. They just show you 2-3 words and you click the one you are drawn to. I picked “together” when I wanted to pick “alone”.

In the end, I was given a tonkinese cat. Is that good? I literally have no idea. But I am guessing it’s better than a salmon? I googled and it’s a cross between a Siamese and Burmese cat. They are cute at least.

Image result for tonkinese cat

Once I was finished, I decided to get sorted into a Hogwarts House. Like I said, I never got into this before! But I have been “sorted” via other quizzes and I have always been in Hufflepuff. ALWAYS. And I actually understand that one – I fit into Hufflepuff. Or at least what I know of all the different houses, that is the one I fit into most.

Well I took my quiz and don’t know ya – I was placed into Ravenclaw (she says with the heaviest amount of disgust dripping over the word). Like sure I guess it’s better than Slitherine but I am super upset now.

I even picked out a wand. But I don’t really care too much about that. I will never return to the website now that I have a patronus and have been sorted into the wrong house. Should I be so obsessive to create an account using my blog email address and see if I can get Hufflepuff by taking the quizzes again? Or can I be happy knowing that I know I am a Hufflepuff and should anyone ask, that is the house I will say I belong to?

Why am I even upset about this?!

Stupid Pottermore quiz….*she mutters under her breath as her whole day is ruined*


6 thoughts on “Revamping of Pottermore

  1. I recently got into the Pottermore thing. I loved the books as a kid, but never was interested in Pottermore. I decided to take the house quiz and fully expected to be placed in Slytherin. I was placed in Ravenclaw, and it makes total sense. It was still a shock, though. I took the wand quiz, and it describes me perfectly. I learned what my North Amercian House would be, and I’m less pleased with that. 😛 My Patronus, though… I’m a Pine Marten.

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