Fall Line Up

Now that summer is finally over, and the temperatures are (very slowly) starting to drop, a whole new set of TV shows has surfaced for our entertainment!

I’m pretty much a creature of habit and stick to the same TV shows all the time. Most of it is strictly for time purposes, I don’t want to fill my time with more TV that I’m already invested in.

I watch a variety of shows, from reality to crime to comedy. Sometimes a new show sneaks in, this fall it might just be one new show to be honest. (all images provided via google)

I love comedy shows: Modern Family, Last Man Standing, Big Bang, The Simpsons. So I get a nice little mix of everything there.

Image result for modern family Image result for last man standing

Image result for big bang theory Image result for the simpsons

And of course, you have to have the crime shows: Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds and NCIS. The last two have had some major casting shifts this fall.

Image result for hawaii five o   Image result for blue bloods

Image result for new criminal minds cast 2016 Image result for NCIS

Criminal Minds might actually end up being a show I drop this fall. Shemar Moore left the show when it ended last season, and now I think that it just might be too bleh to continue. But of course no new episodes have been released yet so I will have to give it a chance. They have replaced him by bringing back an old character Emily, and also by adding in a new male to the mix, played by an old CSI cast member. The show has slowly been declining in my eyes over the last couple of years – especially in their choice of new stars (Jennifer Love Hewitt? Seriously?!). But we shall have to wait and see!

Image result for new criminal minds cast 2016

NCIS is another show that has had a major cast shift this season. At the end of last season, one of the cast who has been there since the show first started, Tony, left the show. He found out he had a baby with an old NCIS agent and now he left to take care of her. It was sweet and a perfect ending for his character. NCIS premiered this week to two new agents! One being Wilmer Valderama! FEZ! At first I was like “O-M-G the show is ruined” but actually it was pretty good! I am excited to see how the season unfolds with him on the team. A sexy Latin man is always a plus 😉

Image result for wilmer valderrama Image result for wilmer valderrama

The actor who played Tony, Michael Weatherly, premiered a new show this fall as well. I had no idea about it until my dad told me. I was afraid it was a spin-off, but it’s a whole new show Bull. The first episode was really quite interesting for the statistical side of me and I have now become invested for at least the first 3 weeks.

Image result for bull 2016 tv series

Then of course, there are my guilty pleasure shows. This fall I think there is only one: Project Runway. I don’t know why, but I love it. I’m not a very fashion conscious person but I love to see the designs they create. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Image result for project runway season 15

All in all, I am super excited for the fall shows. Although I do feel bad since I will be streaming most of them for the next two months until I get home. In Canada I watch them directly from the network’s channel but here I get the standard “We’re sorry this video is not available in your region”

How about you? Do you have any new exciting shows you are watching? Or old favourites coming back for another season?


21 thoughts on “Fall Line Up

  1. Ong yes I love tv this time of year. In the UK we have the return of strictly come dancing this weekend which is a favourite (the british dancing with the stars) oh and tonite is a guitly pleasure of mine called gogglebox which is basically a show where you watch paople watching tv from the last week. It sounds rubbish I know but for some reason it just works. Oh and then we have also had the return of Poldark another very british period drama set in cornwall mining towns so yeh tv is pretty good here too

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      • Yeh I loved downton and the night manager too. I dont know how easy it is for to get hold of shows, but theres one on at the min called Victoria which is very downton esk and is about queen victoria (played by jenna coleman, who was in dr who) and also stars rufus Sewell as well – if your looking for a replacement haha

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        • I am most definitely looking for a replacement!! For shows that are current, I try to watch them on the network sites if I can’t get them on tv. Which is almost always since I don’t really watch tv haha. But since I’m in “this video isn’t available in your region” land, I usually just stream. I will look for “Victoria”! Thanks for the tip!

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  2. Hawaii Five-0! Is back! Watched tonight! Woo hoo! (Sorry, I’m excitable. Damn sexy McGarrett…) 🙂

    I stopped watching quite a few shows because of scheduling conflicts (with other tv shows, of course… I have no life). But damn, I watch WAY too much television. Can’t help myself! All the superhero shows… The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl. Marvel Agents of Shield… others I love… Scorpion, Once Upon a Time (‘Hook’ – my other actor-obsession)… A few comedies, too, but that’s where a lot of the ‘scheduling conflicts’ happen. Therefore Netflix.

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