Root Canal V

Sweet baby Jesus it is finally over!

I decided to test my fate and booked a dentist appointment during the week. It was for 9:30 which means I had 4 hours to finish my appointment, and travel the 45 minutes via subway back to Jakjeon and then take the 10 minute walk from the subway station to work. And it all worked out GREAT!

The dentist thought she would only be able to finish half the root canal today but nope, she was able to finish up all of it! So its done! So it was done in 5 appointments not 4. But 6 in total since the first appointment was to just see if I actually needed a root canal or not.

Since the timing worked out well, I know now I can squeeze it in before work. As long as I don’t mind being away from home for 12 hours straight. But at least I don’t have to wake up super early on the weekend now. I could have made it back today by noon to my apartment but decided to go out for lunch instead.

I do have to go back to get fitted for the crown which will be next Thursday, and then have the crown put on. But all the painful stuff is over. I didn’t even get freezing today!

And bonus, while going to a different shop, I found a cafe I had no idea was here! It is a popular one, and I always see their wifi name when getting pizza but never knew where it was! It is literally right across the street from the pizza place I go to. But their sign doesn’t have teir name on it, just the glass doors so it is very difficult to spot. But now I have found it!

Happy Thursday ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “Root Canal V

    • I don’t like to go to new cafes sometimes, I’m very particular about the taste of my coffee lol. But my D&D group met at this same cafe in a different city last weekend, and now I love it! The drinks and food are great! Now I have someplace new in Jakjeon for the next two months 🙂

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