Bouts of Positivity

Lately I’ve been a little bit of a grumpy panda about almost everything. Mostly because my head is so focused on wanting to be at home that I can’t seem to shake that off. I try with my “Life Lately” posts to focus on the good things but sometimes that’s just not enough. So today, a post FULL of positive things! Be prepared for a lot of !!!! It is finally cool enough to keep my window open at night! Two nights in a row now I have left it open and enjoyed a non-aircon sleep. Which is fantastic! The aircon makes a lot of noise clicking on and off. Last night, while slightly warmer and with no breeze, was almost perfection with the crickets chirping me off into dream land! Going to try for a full day with no aircon at home today!

Ground shipping is about to resume for the postal service! Just over a week ago I learned that the major shipping company in South Korea, and 3rd in the world, had gone bankrupt and that it had stopped shipping. Which means nothing going in or out of the country – including ground mail. When I go back home, I had planned on shipping a lot of my stuff prior to my departure so that I could limit the amount of suitcases I have to take on the plane. Well, I heard that it is to resume shipping NEXT WEEK! WOOO! I’ll start shipping things when I have around 6 weeks left or so. It takes about 4-6 weeks to get to Canada, but I can literally pack my carry-on bag and ship it home.

With ground shipping starting soon, and the weather changing, I can send all my summer/heavy winter stuff back to Canada, AND still take a shopping trip in Itaewon! Heck YES!

I finished Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter yesterday, and now I understand American history a lot more. And I also understand why Donald Trump has made it this far in the election: he’s a vampire. It’s strange to be related to a vampire….I wonder if my great great grandmother knew her cousin was raised from the dead by his vampire friend after they finished with all the presidential funeral stuff……

I go to the dentist tomorrow for what I hope will be my last root canal appointment! The holes are drilled for the posts, it hasn’t been bothering me with pain for the last almost 2 weeks. I just want it done. Well then after comes the crown. Once that’s all done then I can go about checking if I have any cavities that need to be filled and finally get the scaling I have been dreaming of since the beginning of August! But the closer to November I get the scaling, the longer I can be in Canada without worrying about getting it done again. But that also means I might not be posting tomorrow – I know it’s a hard thing to process! Grab some tissues and some ice cream and we’ll get through it together.

I killed a mosquito in MID-AIR today! Killed it dead! Although that didn’t stop me from waking up with 4 new bites….I haven’t had this many mosquito bites since I was 10 and a little camper at a sleep away camp.

I was boiling some eggs this morning for breakfast (I always have a hard boiled egg for breakfast) and I read online that if you put vinegar into the water it makes them really easy to peel. Last time I put in 2 caps of vinegar, with very little results. This time 3 caps. And this time, when I put the eggs into my fridge after they were done cooking, the brown on one of the shells started to rub off a little bit. I am hopeful for success this time!

I was thinking this morning that I will have to change the tag line on my blog on my birthday. I will no longer be a “twenty-something” I will be a *shudder* “thirty-something”! Which then led me to remember that my mom will be 60 just one month later! And thus, she needs a party. She’s had a really hard year, some of it spurred on by me kind of being a brat to her. I know my dad will go along with it since he loves her, but my brother will need some convincing. He doesn’t really do birthdays. I’m not sure why but I’ve accepted it….but now I had party ideas!!

And finally!! This, set to the day I will actually leave:


5 thoughts on “Bouts of Positivity

    • hehe thanks! My birthday is actually in April so it’s a long way off still – it was just a random thought I had while brushing my teeth “omg I’ll have to change my tag line!” HAHA And once I leave Korea, I’ll be going home to Canada 🙂

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