May the pink be ever in your favour

It was an extremely pink day today. I’m usually not so pink. Although pink is one of my favourite colours – it just happened to explode all over my day. 

I decided to wear one of my favourite shirts today, it isn’t pink, but a pale peach. It’s see-through though and the tank under it was pink. As well as the bra which we all know is pink! I was finally feeling better after my little bit of sickness earlier this week and I wanted to continue the feeling better, with the “wearing clothes that make me feel better”.

Since I finally had a Saturday off from the dentist (first time in 6 weeks ya’ll!) I headed out for my manicure.

I had to fill in some time so I went pen shopping. We all know I should NEVER, under any circumstances, be left alone in a stationary store, but ya know it happens sometimes. Today I only bought a few fine tip pens, to write in my new journal that I bought for no reason. And of course, one of the pens was PINK!

The poll for my nails worked well. We had a tie between the glitter and the blue, I was feeling extra cupcakes and rainbows today so I went with the glitter. In 2-3 weeks when I change the design up I’ll get the blue 🙂 Thanks for all your input! It helped a LOT. I would probably still be sitting there trying to decide on one if it weren’t for you!

I did make a few changes to the nails though – I went with a pale pink instead of white. And what is better than glitter nails? PINK GLITTER NAILS. My manicurist insisted that the nails looked better with one gem instead of two (which saved me 4,000 won) so we went with one.

ADORBS! yeah I just said adorbs! They aren’t on par with the cuteness level of the last manicure, the grey and yellow with bows. That was a whole other level, perfectly explained as:

50 Cross Stitch Patterns To Show Off Your Personality:

So, in my favourite shirt and overload of pink nails, I set off to play dungeons and dragons once more. Not deterred by Le Brother calling me a “geek nerd” and a “dweeb dork” and bff-A saying our friendship was over.

Since pictures were requested from last time, to prove we weren’t sitting around in costumes, this is what the table looked like:

No silly costumes, no board games, no props. Just paper and dice. And of course lots and lots of coffee cups!

Look at those dice, I got the pink 20 sided dice this time and I killed it. Rolling high scores whenever I needed to. The guy running it, the “game master” said that he views my character as a “terrifying shadow of stabbiness”. And that’s exactly what I am!

Like I said in my last post about the game, I don’t know where the violence comes from. Although it’s probably from the hockey. Everyone just assumes Canadians are these polite, passive people. But ya’ll need to watch your backs! Cos I’m sneaky and stabby. We didn’t make major advances in WWI, proving our strength as a nation on the world stage, by being polite and passive.

Lesson of the day: don’t cross a Canadian.

I decided that since I was doing so well, I needed a gold star. Well, we had no stickers, but we improvised: A sticky note and a crayon was all that was needed to make myself a gold star badge. Although now that I look at it, it does just look like the head has a body now?

So the day started and ended in a mass of pink.

Pink is my spirit colour. We are the perfect match!

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