This one’s for the boys

Male readers of No Love For Fatties (and any female readers who want to offer an opinion as well), I have a question. I apologize if I’m being forward, but it’s easier to ask you instead of a male standing right in front of me. I don’t like confrontation.

What is the deal with the male obsession boobs?! I don’t get it. They are literally just lumps of fat. If my fat is that sexy and appealing, why doesn’t it apply to the fat on other places of my body like my stomach or butt?

Well I guess boobs aren’t just fat. Like men, if we exercise our pecks enough we can increase the size of our boobs. Since the fat sits on top of the pecks.

I find this is strange how men are drawn towards boobs. But I guess on some level I understand it too, since when I’m wearing the bra that makes me feel super sexy, I like my boobs too. It’s just that they fill it out so nicely and look kind of perfect in it. *sigh* I love that bra! Yet, that wont last – after I wear the bra for a little bit, it wont fit as nicely as it once did and then it will cease to be the bra.

But getting back to the topic at hand. I can love how men look too, how they fill out their clothes but I’m not going to stand in front of you and have a conversation with you just staring at how well you fill out your pants. Sure I could but how much of a creeper would I be if I did that? So why do men stare at boobs while they talk?

Even boobs which are covered, not inviting in any way, wearing a shirt which is basically just an over-sized square with arm holes? Just having a 5 minute conversation with him staring right at my chest. Especially when I know he’s married and he knows I know he’s married. Seriously? My eyes are up here….

But ya know what I hate? If I start to lose weight, which I am told to do if I ever want men to be interested in me, my boobs start to get smaller. Which I’m sure a lot of women find as well. Since they are fat, just like the “unsexy” fat around my middle or my hips. And then I kind of get sad. I actually like the size of my boobs – not too big, or too small. They aren’t so big as to make finding clothes a chore, yet not so small as to limit strapless options either.

The first time I ever noticed someone staring, I was filling in at a school as a gym teacher for the day and had a 4th grader just stare at my chest the entire time I was teaching gym class. I’m surprised he didn’t get hit in the face with a ball.

I don’t get oogled a lot, but I have started to notice men looking at my boobs lately. Maybe it’s just a circumstance of me being here or whatever. Maybe it’s because I’m always being stared at here because I’m white and tall and have red hair and I’m big. But now I am almost hypersensitive to it, and pick up on it a lot.

And it’s not that I wear revealing clothes either. During my first contract I learned what is appropriate for women to wear here in Korea. While I was told “it’s ok, you’re a foreigner” for a few of my fashion choices, it was very clear that it wasn’t ok. I can show as much of my legs as I want to but my chest/shoulders need to be covered to a certain extent.

So men – I need an answer!

What is it that draws you to boobs? I don’t get it!

But the next guy who has a conversation with them instead of me might just get a slap to the head. Maybe understanding the obsession will make it better?


22 thoughts on “This one’s for the boys

  1. I think it has a lot to do with the “don’t think about an elephant” phenomenon. Boys in Western culture are taught that boobs are sexy, and that they’re fun to touch, but that they shouldn’t look at them. I’m not sure there could be a more efficient strategy to get people to fixate on something than to tell them *not* to do it.

    I was really interested to learn that in many other parts of the world breasts aren’t nearly as sexualized as they are in North America. In most of the countries I have traveled to I have to take extra caution to make sure my thighs are covered, because they are seen as way more sexual than boobs.

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  2. I think that I should offer my opinion here, since I have had a post, or two, about boobs. 😀 I can’t deny or accept that I’ve been programmed by society to sexualize boobs. To me, it’s like a face. You either find it attractive or you don’t. It’s also not about the size, either. It’s the whole package – the eyes, lips, shoulders, and yes, boobs. I find it alluring. As a side note, I don’t find it acceptable for men to stare at them, especially during a direct conversation. I would feel weird doing that.

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    • This was the post I had mentioned before that you should check out, and I’m happy for the insight into the male mind. Although I guess it doesn’t really help my frustration since the person who spurred the post just stares. the. whole. time.

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  3. I have often said this! Men are constantly starting at them. One time in the city some guy tried to grab me but I swiftly moved out of his way. On the losing weight part I don’t like the idea of losing my boobs or my ass for that matter but I take solace that no matter what weight I have been… my boobs and ass have ALWAYS big my biggest parts haha

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    • Oh dang! I’ve never had anyone try to grab me. I’m kind of glad that my boobs aren’t really big. I have to go do a “bend test” when I buy clothes for teaching, and if they were bigger the test would be a lot more difficult HAHA


  4. I am not a man nor am I a gay woman, but I find boobs extremely attractive. Like Rob said, though, it’s not just the boobs alone. The surrounding areas play a part. And when a woman is so obviously throwing them in everyone’s face — that’s just ugh. (And in that case, no matter my gender or preferences, -I- cannot help staring.)

    I have awesome boobs. I love them… And I love when people notice them, male or female. But not in a lecherous way and not kids! However, “checking them out”, so to speak, is different than staring at them while talking to someone.

    I also kind of think that the boob obsession is in part just like every other preference. Some guys are all about boobs, for others, it’s legs, ass, etc. I have my own specific favorite man parts that I sometimes can’t stop staring at… but one is forearms so it’s not creepy when I stare. 😮 I would never stare at a guys junk though.

    Also women (maybe) generally have more self-control than men. (Not me, of course.)

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  5. I’m a straight female, but I love boobs! Though I can admit I’ve never felt another woman’s boobs. But I love mine, which aren’t even that big. But I think boobs are a beautiful thing. That and they are so magical to be able to feed babies! Not that I’ve had any kids of my own.
    But yeah, my point is, I’m all for boobs 🙂

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