A non-Sunday Sunday

I wasn’t having the best day yesterday, and a fellow blogger reminded me that after a bad day, there is usually a good day. Well ya know what? He was right – so good call The V Pub!

Today is a much better day. After sleeping almost 12 hours I was actually able to eat some breakfast! WOO – not only that, it was more substantial than my saltines for dinner. Today is looking up!

But the best part of this day is that it’s a non-Sunday Sunday. For those of you who have slightly more sanity left than I do, let me explain that statement for you:

On Sundays, I usually stay home. I plan 6 days of work and outtings and errands and being an adult. But on Sundays I like to just chill at home. Do laundry, clean my one room apartment, and just watch movies all day. Maybe read a book if I’m feeling up for a change. I need the time to unwind and relax before facing the real world again on Monday.

Well, with it being Chuseuk, I have today off and it’s Thursday. A glorious Thursday which has now become a Sunday! Staying at home, not going out, drinking tea all day. It’s going to be beautiful.

Since it’s not technically Sunday, I do have some things to do: pay my Canadian bills, job search, maybe some yoga etc. But mostly it’s tea and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. I had to stop reading yesterday because it made me sick. Or maybe it was the food that made me sick and the book just made me feel worse? It described a guy getting his throat ripped out by his Adam’s apple…

My non-Sunday Sunday is off to a great start so far! I’m excited to be lazy.


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