The day where everything went wrong

It’s the first day of my 5 day mini-holiday from work for the Korean celebration of Chuseuk, so of course it had to be a disaster. Which means its a “3 post day”. 

I posted earlier that I had plans for brunch with a friend this morning. She ended up being sick and couldn’t go but I went anyways. Then I was killing some time between brunch and meeting with my co-worker, pilates instructor and a friend of the instructor. I was just waiting it out in a cafe, having a nice cold drink, reading on my ipad. Then I got a text saying they were on their way! I waited the amount of time I was told and started to head for the subway to go to where I needed to meet them.

I get a phone call at the subway that my co-worker and the instructor were going to pick up the friend and would probably be later than expected. No problem I said. “I’m just heading into the train now though so I’ll meet you there!” Then the doors shut to the train. Then I started to get a cramp in my stomach, and was so freaking hot but was shivering at the same time.

I thought it might just pass. You know how it goes sometimes. I get to the station where I am to meet the other 3, and it gets worse – I’m kinda shaking a little bit, all clamy, sweating, cramps in my stomach, feeling a little dizzy and like I’m going to throw up.

I text my friend to tell her how I felt and asking how long they would be. She calls me, asking if I could just  wait it out and see them and then go home. The instructor had medicine with her I could take. While talking I felt this sudden urge to throw up. I was sitting down but it like hit me like a wall. So I was like “no sorry I have to go”

I went back down the escalators, and took the hour long subway ride home – which sucked. The rocking of the car didn’t make me feel any better.

Now I feel horrible! Mostly because I feel horrible but also because I had to cancel my plans for the afternoon. I wanted to see my friend, and go to the river, and try to talk to my pilates instructor in English since I know she is studying and trying to learn it. I was RIGHT THERE. Literally at the station.

But the good thing is, I got home without being sick. How horrible would it be to throw up in a subway car or in a subway bathroom?

Laying in bed now, wishing the day hadn’t been such a let down. And I hope it’s not indication of what the rest of my time off will be like.


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