Our “Where were you” Day

I was kind of a little surprised this morning when I saw the date on my computer. I knew it was September 11th, but I never remember the significance until I see it written out 11/09/2016. 

This day holds so many emotions for me. It literally changed the world in which I live, at a time in my life when I was the most impressionable by change. It is definitely the most “do you remember where you were when…” question of my generation.

For my parents it’s the was death of JFK – my mom was 6, and in grade 1 I believe, although I always think she was in grade 3 for some reason. My dad 15 and in high school. I think he has a better memory of that day.

I can still picture that day perfectly in my head. Like my dad, I was in high school, although I was 14. I was sitting in one of my least favourite classes, grade 9 French. Right before my lunch period. Our teacher, who had just recently married an American, rolled in one of the very few tv’s in our school and turned on the news. Her lesson for the day completely forgotten.

When the bell rang I’m sure she didn’t even notice any of us walking out. The TV’s by our school cafeteria were on. Literally the only time in my entire 4 years at the school when they were turned on. News coverage streaming all day. Students who had family in America were dismissed, and classes were practically non-existent.

I’ve mentioned before that I lived in a hockey town – home of the Kitchener Rangers. Like all hockey teams, we drafted outside of our town and that year we had quite a few Americans on the team. They were dismissed from all classes, their teammates comforting the young boys (16-21 years old) the best they could. It was one of the few times where the school population saw them as human beings instead of things. Or at least the friends I was around that day did.

And then life changed. I can honestly say that after a few days of news coverage, 14 year old me was sick of it all. I had such a sort attention span for the news of the destruction. It was ruining my regularly scheduled TV shows and how dare they! Gah how long is this going to go on! But I was 14, and selfish, and had no idea how the rest of my life was going to be based on one event.

It feels weird for me to know that people in high school now weren’t even alive when it happened. Some college students don’t even understand it and the ramifications.

I can’t believe 15 years ago I was in grade 9!

So how about you: Do you remember where you were? What you were doing?


7 thoughts on “Our “Where were you” Day

  1. I almost poured coffee on the floor. I barely turned on the tv in my apartment, freshman college, because my room mate was weird and unplugged it all the time. ALL THE TIME. So why I turned it on, I don’t know. And then I went to school because I didn’t want to be alone. I sat with my crew and similar to you- they had media plugged in all over where normally there’s not yes all over.

    It was terrifying. This budding world you’re supposed to be just finally grasping… Is being ripped apart by hate. So so so sad.

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  2. I had gotten laid off from my job (yes, this has happened to me a few times… I am the luckiest girl alive!). I was home alone… I had no idea what was going on… then I turned on the tv for no particular reason… and I saw it all over the place… and I called my sister ASAP since she lives in NYC. I couldn’t get in touch with her, so I was freaking out. I called my mom who told me that my sister was in FL on a business trip. Sigh of relief. I talked to my sister a few days later. She and a couple of coworkers had to drive back to NYC. No flights, no trains, no nothing. After a few days, they were finally able to get a rental car. FL to NYC… long-ass drive. She doesn’t live or work in that part of the city… but, of course, the impact was huge everywhere in the city… and well, everywhere.

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  3. I was in college. I was woken up by my aunt and cousins voice. I had slept there the night before. I heard one of them say, “a second one hit.” (Second plane, I soon realized). I woke up and stared at the tv. Wow. Anger and fear. Who does that to people? Fellow members of the human race? 😳
    God bless our country. God bless OUR WORLD.

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  4. I was getting ready for my English 101 class, my college freshman year. I had Good Morning America on on my tiny white TV that I thought was so cool. It was the worst feeling when I saw the towers falling. It was an indescribable feeling.

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