Self Confidence

Do you ever have days were you just completely doubt yourself? Or are having one of those “experiencing life at several WTF’s per minute” days? Today was one of those days. 

Most of it stemmed from work. Gah…some people’s children.


I was feeling kind of frustrated and then I remembered something pretty awesome: I was wearing the bra.

Now I know you ladies know exactly what I am talking about! The one bra you have that is just so cute, sexy, and adorable that you feel just as cute, sexy, and adorable in it? Today I was wearing that bra.

I’ve done a whole post on the type of bra that I wear, you can read it here, but this is a new one. I bought it while I was home in July. You can’t really get good bras here. And especially not for a beautiful, curvy, fattie like myself. So I picked up two new ones while I was home. Just to add to the collection. It can’t hurt to have it in two more colours.

This bra – woo guys it’s pretty awesome. It’s this shiny pink with lace on the front. And it just makes my boobs look like – W.O.W.

Look at it! It’s amazing. Picture provided via lasenza’s website. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say that is NOT me. But I feel like that girl in this bra.

Some days it just the little things in life – amiright?

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