Input Required

I need your help!

It’s time for another interactive post. I’m not sure how I feel about them, they haven’t really worked super well in the past, but I have had a few responses to each one so let’s try again! 

So I am nearing my end here in South Korea (thank goodness!) and I’m trying to be practical about certain things. Especially when it comes to time and/or money.

Lately, since I have been spending the last month going to the dentist, I haven’t been getting my nails done. The last time I got them done was the day I left for my vacation (6 weeks ago!) The break has been good for my nails. Not so much my bank account since my manicure account was topped off the day I left for Canada so there’s been no real impact there.

BUT, now that the dentist ordeal is coming to an end, I want to treat myself with a nice manicure. Sure I can clip my own cuticles at home and use regular polish, but it’s much more relaxing to have someone else do it who will also give hand massages. Plus my account is just sitting there, full of money. And I think the best way to go about it is to use it up before I leave this country forever (that’s reasonable right?).

Here is the interactive part: I literally have no idea what to do with my nails! I’m kind of past the stage of just regular “one colour for each nail, they all look the same”. Do you remember the last trip?

I still squeal with happiness just thinking about how adorable they were!!


Please, if you have any ideas, head on over to my Contact Me (link opens in a new window!) page and email me a picture! I’ll make a post with my most favourite ones and then maybe learn how to create a poll. I want something cute but have no idea what I want. Make up my mind for me!


12 thoughts on “Input Required

  1. I loved those nails you got done before you left for vacation! They were super adorable 🙂 Don’t the nail salons have pictures or something for you to choose from? Might give you some ideas..

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