Vivid Memories

I saw this video on Facebook, posted by a friend, and it brought back the most vivid memory from my childhood! It’s not very long, take a little watch:

My memory stems from around the 30 second mark. Now, I don’t really think that the title of this movie should be “menopausal women at the wal-mart parking lot”, I think that’s just a little insulting to women. Why not just name it as a clip from “malcolm in the middle” like it is?


When I was younger, my brother and I had braces. This one time we were leaving the horrible orthodontist’s office, we were getting into our car – a forest green Ford Focus station wagon. Kinda like this:

Image result for 1998 ford focus wagon, green

provided via google search

Anyways, so we get in, and my brother, who always sits behind the driver, opened his door and hit the car next to us. He didn’t realize that there was a person in that car. Now I can’t remember how hard he hit that car exactly, but it wasn’t like he was angry or anything. He was a 12/13 year old kid getting into a car.

The guy sitting in the car, instead of doing what Lois (is that her name?) did, in saying “Um hey, you hit my car” and having my brother apologize, this jerk opens his front passenger door (while sitting in the driver’s seat), and proceeds to SLAM the door into our car 3-5 times. He then gave my mom the finger, started his car and moved parking spaces.

My mom got out of our car to see the damage – and got back in kind of laughing. If you look at the picture, you will see a black strip half way down the door – its rubber. All the guy did was smash his own door into the rubber strip. Causing more damage to his door than to our car. Although, I do have to admit, I was pretty shaken up by it. What 11/12 year old wouldn’t be? Some lunatic slamming their car door into our car….

I’m not exactly sure what that guy’s problem was but I guess he had to let off some steam. Good thing it didn’t hurt our car.


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