Life Lately #15

Happy Monday!

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Lately, I’ve been thinking…about how few weeks I have left here in Korea, and how I want to use them. At least 4 of them will be taken up with dentist work: 2 more to finish out the root canal, and I think I will see if I have any other problems that need to be fixed so that I can pay Korean prices instead of Canadian, and then a nice scaling before I leave.

Lately, I’ve been feeling…not too bad actually. My classes for September didn’t change too much, just a few students shuffled so I’m not loosing my free time (which is crucial since I don’t actually get breaks), work hasn’t been too aggravating either which has been nice.

Lately, I’ve been wanting…to know that I have a job when I return to Canada. That is my major stress right now: I need to find a job.

Lately, I’ve been doing…too much. With these dentist appointments every single weekend and trying to have a social life, it just feels like I never have any time to myself. I can’t wait for the holiday next week so I can just relax for a few days  make myself feel super bored and excited to be going out!

Lately, I’ve been hoping…that my appointments at my dentist office go by quickly, and that the remainder of my time here goes by just as fast!

Weeks until my contract is over: 12! TWELVE!! Soon it will be single digits!


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