Root Canal IV

Guys, it’s almost over! ITS ALMOST OVER!!! 

Well this was my 4th Saturday in a row going to my dentist. A short update (because I start these series thinking it will only be a few posts and then it just gets DRAGGED OUT)

So apparently a tooth has three nerve canals, at least my molar does. Two of them were starting to die but one was super healthy and strong. She pulled out that last healthy one last week and I was crying after the freezing wore off.

This week I asked if we were close to being finished. It kind of ruins my entire weekend when my face is throbbing and I’m crying from pain.

So she cleaned out that last canal and notices that it’s a little inflamed at the bottom of the canal. She finishes up, takes a few more xrays and then stuffs the empty nerve canal full of medicine and puts in another temporary filling.

Then she says we should be done in just TWO MORE SESSIONS! Praise Jesus!

I had enough time to go home, eat lunch, and finish reading my book before book club yesterday. It was nice, but it was just a short amount of time it didn’t feel like I had been home at all! Plus once the freezing wore off, there was no pain in my mouth. A double Praise Jesus!

At book club, I found out that one of the other members also goes to the same dentist and just came from there as well. She is getting a lot of work done since it’s cheaper here than in her home of South Africa. It’s the same for me. Paying full price here is at least half of what I would pay in Canada if I had insurance in Canada. So it’s a great thing.

I might wait about a month and then do the same as what she is doing. From my first appointment I think there are just a few cavities that need to be fixed and that’s it. Plus one final scaling before heading back to Canada. Might as well take advantage of it while I’m here. But I do want to give myself a few weeks of a break. Having to go there every single Saturday is really draining. Especially since next week my appointment is at 9am, which means I have to be on the subway by 7:45 at the latest.

4 thoughts on “Root Canal IV

    • It would be going much faster if I could go more often. But I can only go on Saturdays. I considered trying to squeeze in an appointment during the week but was worried about the frozen mouth and teaching, or what might happen when the freezing wore off while teaching. So Saturdays it is! lol

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    • It definitely isn’t fun! It’s not as bad as I imagined it to be though. I thought that the “in office” procedures were going to be a lot more painful. It was the “after freezing” pain I wasn’t prepared for. But even now that pain isn’t so bad since the nerves are gone – which is nice.

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