Friday Game Day

At the hogwon that I teach at, we are suppose to have a games day on Fridays, which I never get to do because I would never finish the books if I took that time to play games. Besides, we watch cartoons and play games every class if we finish our work in time. 

Sometimes, I’ll have enough time to do a writing activity with my kids. Most of the time they are just happy not to be doing book work, and once the writing activity is done we will play games (which turns into a struggle because they just want to play on their phones and I say no and then we start to play like hangman or something and then they are all playing on their phones anyways).

Ever since the incident a few weeks ago, I’ve started to care less and less about teaching. It is definitely hard to keep myself motivated. This month we are losing 5 teaching days which means that there will be no fun days on Fridays, except for the two Fridays that have been deemed “Friend Day”. The kids can bring a friend and we will play games. If the friend decides to enroll at the school then the original kid who brought the friend gets a gift certificate or something. Plus there is a 3 day holiday starting on the 14th for Cheusuk (a harvest festival most often likened to Thanksgiving). So I barely have enough time to get through all the lessons, there will a lesson AND workbook on most days, plus homework, there will be no review days, no extra game days, and the kids are not happy.

During Final testing, we had an extra day in August. I decided to have a fun day – not a writing fun day, just a “for no reason, has no application for learning English” fun day. And we all made “surprise ferocious teeth drawings”:

First you fold a paper up and create a cute little drawing:

You can kind of see the fold in this picture. Then you open it up and give your drawing some crazy teeth:

The teeth should actually be all the way up at the fold in this picture. I had to use some white out tape to move the mouth up a little bit.

Then you need to colour the whole thing:

The teeth are fixed!!

Then have about 30 little monkeys do the exact same thing offering them other animals to draw and you get:

A VERY colourful wall display! Which now distracts the less focused students who just sit and stare at the wall for the entire class….but at least it’s cute!!

Thank you pinterest!

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