Happy Unbirthday!

Guess what! It’s my unbirthday today!

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I’m sure it is your unbirthday too, so happy unbirthday!

Two Friday’s ago, I was watching Alice in Wonderland with one of my conversation class students. She is the only one who comes on Friday, we had just finished a book and the new one hadn’t arrived yet. One of my 5th graders introduced me to this one youtube channel that has Looney Toones with Korean subtitles so we decided to watch a movie from there. She settled on Alice and we set off into the magical world that is Walt Disney’s imagination.

For those of you who were around in April, you know that I LOVE my birthday. I love having a day just for me. Mostly I love eating ice cream cake and not feeling guilty that my mom can’t have any because it’s my birthday and that’s what kind of cake I wanted! I also love shredding wrapping paper off of presents. Just the act of ripping it to shreds is highly satisfying.

Anyways, so this whole idea of birthdays was set in my head. Then I was reading my book for this month’s book club (A Prayer for Owen Meany if any of you are interested). The main character telling the story is writing from 1987, the year I was born. And he was writing in April. One post he makes is a few days before my birthday and I was happy that he actually got the days of the week right. I’m not sure many people would have noticed, but I know that the 15th is a Wednesday, because that’s when I graced this world with my presence.

I love seeing connections like that in real life! What about you? My birthday is actually kind of a popular day. I have an app on my ipad “on this day” which tells me celebrity births/deaths, and major world events that happen on each day of the year. A few of the births I already knew about. I share a birthday with Emma Watson, and Emma Thompson. Two very great Emma’s in the world of acting.

Before this app, I also knew of a few (not so happy) world events that happened on my birthday:

  • Abraham Lincoln was shot and killed (he is somehow a distant cousin so my mom made sure I knew about him growing up. My great great grandmother is his cousin or something? I have no idea anymore)
  • The Titanic, while hitting the iceberg on my grandma’s birthday (April 14th), hit the ocean floor on my birthday (the 15th).
  • British liberates Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (I guess this one is a good event?)
  • Boston Marathon Bombing

A few from the “on this day” website:

  • the bottle opener was invented
  • insulin become available for treatment of diabetes
  • first McDonald’s is opened

I am always so intrigued when I hear about anything happening on April 15th. Since it is so connected to me, I feel so connected to these events. Even something as small as, while watching an episode of Once Upon A Time, one of the main characters (a bad then turned good witch) never knew her birthday, so Hades tells her it’s April 15th.

I guess birthdays have a way of making us feel this connection. I like it!

How about you? If you have the time today, head on over to the “on this day” website and check out your birthday! I’d love to know what has happened on your day!



3 thoughts on “Happy Unbirthday!

  1. Nothing I found was all that exciting for my birthday…
    – Timothy McVeigh executed for Oklahoma City bombing.
    – Jurassic Park was released (a movie that scares the crap out of me).
    – Premiere of American Idol (a show I’ve never watched…).

    Same birthday as me:
    – Gene Wilder (strange that I found this since he died today…)
    – Joe Montana
    – Peter Dinklage
    – Joshua Jackson (you know, Pacey from Dawson’s Creek)
    – Best of all…… Hugh Laurie. I love him!

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