Life Lately #14

HEY! It’s Monday! And I am feeling good!

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Lately, I’ve been thinking…that I like my new pilates routine. I went Monday and Friday last week. Monday, during our first 5 minutes, I was doing one of the “warm up exercises” and something pop/crunched in my hip. It was an immediate sharp pain, so much so that I had to stop and take a breath before continuing. I took it easy for the rest of the class, but the next day it seemed fine. Since I didn’t go on Wednesday, I was well rested by class on Friday. I was even excited about it! It was gym ball night, which is my favourite night! And I killed it! I basically kept up with all the reps the entire class!! Except for a few where I couldn’t keep my balance on the ball. But it was great! These past few days I have been paying for it since my abs are staging a revolt but whatever. They’ll fall in line sooner or later!

Image result for royalty free images the beatings will continue until morale improves

I want to make this cross stitch someday

MWHAHAHAHA I think I will stick with this Monday/Friday thing from now on.

Lately, I’ve been feeling…all the feels! Basically every single one. Pain from my tooth (this week was SUPER painful on Saturday but after that it’s been ok), happy (3 months from TODAY and I will be on a plane!), excited (played my first D&D last night) sad (won’t be able to finish the quest since I’ll be going home), nervous (what if I don’t have a job when I fly home?), angry (my tooth is taking forever to fix), frustrated (work), giggly (drawing project with my students), annoyed, inspired, reflective, proud.

Basically every feel I could have, I am having it.

Image result for royalty free images emotions

OMG it’s pineapple emotions! I can’t take it! 

Lately, I’ve been wanting…to get out on the weekends and do something other than go to the dentist. I usually take Sundays to rest and be at home to clean and recharge for the week, but on Saturday I like to go out and do things. Even just to get a manicure! Which I haven’t done in over a month. But it’s been so hot and gross and the dentist takes up so much of my energy, and then the pain attacks after the freezing wears off takes up even more of my energy. I only have a few weeks left and I want to get in a few more things before I leave.

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Lately, I’ve been doing…a lot of reading. I am hosting the book club this upcoming Saturday and I have yet to finish my book. When I left work Friday night I was only half way done it! Over 300 pages left!!! So I have been dedicating a lot of time to reading (which is what I will be doing after I post this!)

Image result for royalty free images cartoon reading

Lately, I’ve been hoping…that this good weather continues! Last week we had a little bit of rain on Thursday and ever since then it’s been great weather here! I still have to keep my AC on during the day when I am home, but instead of 24-25, a setting of 26 is good enough to keep it more than tolerable in here. When I go out, I can open the windows and it doesn’t go up above 27 anymore.

Image result for royalty free images sunny weather

I don’t know what this guy is doing but he looks like he belongs here!

Weeks until my contract is over: 13! (I love how last week was Life Lately 13, with 14 weeks left, this week it’s flipped hehe) THREE MONTHS PEOPLE

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