Root Canal III

So this tale appears to be never ending…

Earlier this week, a friend posted on a social media site that she was having a root canal done in Canada. She said that it was a 4 appointment process. This made me feel a lot better about having to go to the dentist for the 3rd Saturday in a row. I think it would be taking a lot less time if I had chosen a dentist closer to where I live and not a 45 minute subway ride plus a 15-20 minute walk (depending on how hot it is and how fast I am walking).

So I head in today. They make sure I am good and numb. I ask if this is going to be the last appointment and they said no. But I don’t have to pay so whatever. I paid in full my first week so this is just their work now. They need to make sure that there is no infection or inflammation in the tooth before they cap it off with the crown. This makes total sense. I am not paying them $1100 Canadian to do something quickly and then tell me later that there is an infection in my now hollow tooth so they have to take off the crown and dig around in there again. I just wish it wasn’t taking up my Saturdays.

Today was the most beautiful Saturday we’ve had in at least 2 months. I turned off my AC when I woke up, opened my window, and within an hour the temperature in my apartment had gone up 5 degrees. I was not excited about what outside was going to be like. I opened my door and for the first time since mid-June the hallway was cooler than my apartment. This seemed promising! I stepped outside and it was wonderful! A cool probably 16ish degrees? I was actually a little cold with the light breeze. When I got to Songdo, the weather was even better. The sun was shinning, it had warmed up a few degrees and the breeze was a little stronger since it is closer to the water than Jakjeon.

Back to the appointment! It was at 11 this week so I arrived super early to Songdo. I knew I would have a frozen mouth around lunch when I left so I spent an hour in Starbucks having a mid-morning coffee and some food to tide me over until my mouth would be unfrozen enough to eat something. The appointment went great. The only part that actually hurt was when the temporary filling was removed at the very start. That was so painful! But then I got my novocaine and the rest was fine. The dentist removed the last of my 3 nerves. Since it’s a molar there are 3 nerves in it, the one she removed today was “so big and healthy” according to her but they have to remove all of the nerves in the tooth so out it came. She offered to let me see it and even said she put it to the side so I could after she was done, but I didn’t get the chance when I was leaving. I’m only like 60% sad that I didn’t see it. Like I was interested but I am also easily grossed out….

I go back again next Saturday. She said that since the main nerves are out, they just have to get all the little nerve fibers or something, I don’t know. So I think that will be the end of it? Then the posts go in and the crown goes on. She was talking to another patient and apparently they have to take an impression of the tooth and send it to the lab to get the crown made. So I think I’m in for another 2 appointments at least. So over a month of Saturdays at the dentist. Perhaps I can squeeze in a cleaning on my last appointment so I don’t have to make another appointment to get that done. I wanted to get it done in July but it just keeps getting pushed and pushed.

Since it was the most amazingly beautiful day, and I wasn’t in any pain, I decided to head to the park. I get off the subway at the “central park” station. It kind of makes me feel like I’m in NYC haha. But there is an amazing park right at the subway station. When I first started going to this dentist in April, I took my camera along and took a tour around the canal. Apparently all the pictures from that post are “broken links” so that kind of sucks since I was going to link the page haha

I grabbed a greek yogurt smoothie with protein powder for “lunch” since it was 12:30 and found a nice bench in the shade right at the water’s edge and read for about an hour. By then the freezing had started to wear off and I was starting to be in SO. MUCH. PAIN. I quickly made my way over to the “men peeing” statue and took a quick video for my Canadian work wife and then went home.

By the time I got home, the freezing was completely gone. I had picked up my pain killers and a burger on the way home. I have to make sure I eat with the pills and I can’t eat anything really hard until I get the posts put into my tooth (since it is basically hollow now, hard food will probably crack the tooth or worse). By the time I had eaten enough to actually take the pills I was in tears from the pain – actual TEARS. I’m used to getting cavities filled with no freezing and this is making me cry! It’s taken almost 3 hours now for them to really kick in but it still hurts.

Only a few more weeks of this pain! I hope! The dentist said it’s from pressure build up in the tooth – from the body discovering what has happened. Well my body doesn’t like it! Not one little bit! And the darkening of my tooth is normal too, so I don’t have to worry about that.

I only pray that next week I am smart enough to get food and take my pill as quickly as possible after the procedure! I go to the dentist at 10 and I have to lead the discussion at my book club at 5 so I need to not be crying for that. Now if only I would focus enough to finish this book on time….


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