#blogger lessons from 1 year of #blogging

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It has finally happened! The big day is finally here!! Happy one year to No Love For Fatties. This year has been a major learning curve for me, I never imagined that I would have kept blogging this long, it’s unprecedented in my life. Never before have I been so attached to my writing as I am right now.

This past week has been full of reflections, and a post about tips for new bloggers. This post is more about what I have learned about myself. A few of the items have been touched on in previous posts this week:

  1. There are some amazing people here in the blogging community. I was expecting it to be a mix of really mean people and comments, but overall my experience has been really great.
  2. I am very easily seduced – by my stats of course! At first I was obsessed with them! How many likes I was getting, how many views, how many followers. I was constantly checking! Even to the point where I was jealous of other people’s stats! People who had been blogging for years and actively promoted their blog. Now I check to see where the views are coming from, I like to see where people live who are reading my blog.
  3. WordPress doesn’t give the whole picture with stats. I find this so very frustrating. A post can have 5 likes, 3 comments and only 1 view. It’s ridiculous! But it also helps me to keep my stats addiction under wraps.
  4. The day I was finally free from my stats obsession was a great day! Once I was able to distance myself from that constant need for validation through stats, I started to enjoy writing much more.
  5. It’s ok to doubt myself in my writing. I share some really personal stuff sometimes and that’s hard for me. It’s also extremely freeing to be able to express myself so openly with people I don’t know. Maybe that makes it easier?
  6. It’s ok to make posts private or password protected. Sometimes I really just need to get something off my chest so I write about it, but then realize that I’m not ready to share that with the rest of the world. That’s ok! Then of course there are some private things that I can’t publish since they would have some major, real life consequences.
  7. Blogs need an “About Me” page or widget. I don’t know why this is, but if I can’t find an about me page or something on their blog that tells me who they are and what they are about, I kind of loose interest. I’ve tried to stop doing it but something about it just really turns me off…I am constantly going back to my “about me” page to change it up and make sure that it reflects who I am and what I’m writing about.
  8. I create an emotional attachment to bloggers. Reading someone else’s life stories, or writing (prose or poetry) gives you an insight into who that person really is, I find that really beautiful, and sometimes I can get really attached to that.
  9. Sometimes just one post from a fellow blogger, or a comment they make on either my blog or another person’s can completely turn me off their blog. It’s like that in real life too right? How someone can just say one little comment to you and it’s like “oh wow….ok, I guess I didn’t really know you after all…”
  10. It’s ok to unfollow people. It’s happened a few times where I’ve started following a blog based on a post or two, and then find out later that their style really isn’t for me. That’s cool – it’s not for everyone. It’s happened to me too! Followers come and go, that’s just all part of it.

This year has been a roller coaster for me, and I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to share it here on my blog with some amazing people. Especially when I’ve been having a hard time at life, it’s so comforting to know that other people can relate and are encouraging.

I am looking forward to what lies ahead of me! Changing jobs, moving countries, starting a “new life” I guess! This next year will be super exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you guys 🙂


14 thoughts on “#blogger lessons from 1 year of #blogging

  1. Congrats on one year!! I’ve loved your blog and hope you keep going for years. I agree on the About page. It’s usually the first thing I visit to check out someone’s blog. I’m still trying to get my own About page to feel “right”. Maybe mine doesn’t feel right because I don’t have much of a focus for my blog and so don’t really know how to explain what it’s about . . . I write about whatever’s on my mind, whether it’s travel tips, mommy-thoughts, prayers, or whatever. I need to find my niche, but there are too many things that interest me 🙂

    Glad you fell in love with writing. . . it really is a necessary mental/emotional outlet for me too. Writing keeps me sane.

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  2. Yay congrats of one year of blogging!!! I hope my blog will be as good as yours! I too totes agree about the About Me page- this is where I decide if I follow that blog or not. To me, this is the page where the blogger should shine through.

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