A year’s worth of wisdom

Just one day away from the one year mark! Stepping aside from reflection today to share a few tidbits of wisdom I have picked up this year.Image result for royalty free images cartoon wise old manIn no particular order:
1. Get new posts emailed to you – once I started to follow a lot of blogs this saved my sanity! The WordPress Reader drove me insane some days.
2. Sign up for blogging courses – they are pretty awesome!
3. Interact with other bloggers – they are pretty awesome!
4. Set up at least one social media site for your blog – twitter was my choice!
5. Create an email specifically for your blog – it helps separate blog life and real life, and it helped me to control the addiction
6. Try not to get too overly attached to your stats – it’s hard I know! I’ve been there! And please please PLEASE don’t be that person who posts your views/likes etc once a week on your blog…..
7.Use the preview button – it helps!
8. Take a break if you need it – sometimes we burn out, sometimes we just get too attached, it’s ok. Take a little holiday.
9. Be responsible for what you post – give credit where credit is due, use search filters for royalty/license free material. I personally use google and type in “royalty free images” plus whatever I’m looking for. Sure I may have watermarks over the image but that’s cool.
10. Enjoy your blog!! If you don’t enjoy it then what’s the point?

Now I know these aren’t mind blowing pieces of wisdom, I have probably written the same thing as every other 1 year blogger. It’s hard not to share the same bits of wisdom since we basically go through the same process.

Basically the bottom line is: love your blog and your blog will love you, don’t listen to the haters, and write from your heart.

Image result for royalty free images writing


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