The Most Important Question

Ok, so before you delve into this post, I need you to clear your mind. Like meditate for a few minutes, calm you mind and your body in order to answer this question. It might be the most important question of all time. 

Are you ready?

I was watching Magic Mike XXL today (no judging) and this question came up during the movie.

Which is the better boy band? Backstreet Boys or Nsync?!

I’m a BSB girl all the way. How about you? Please don’t make me be like Dawson…



30 thoughts on “The Most Important Question

  1. Ha! So not what I was expecting this morning! I can honestly say, I’m not a fan of either. I’ve spent my entire life listening to OLD OLD OLD country music. Even now that I have a more varied taste, I still stay away from the pop-y music. I tend to like the old country rock sound or instrumentals.

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    • Oh no!!! not n’sync! AHHHHHH

      and Britney or Christina is HARD! Britney was the first girl singer I was really into. She had that bubble gum image my parents really liked (at least at the start) Christina on the other hand has always owned her image and her body and has never been ashamed of it. But Britney’s had a longer, more successful career. I’m not sure I can answer this at 7:50 in the morning lol

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  2. Sorry… *NSYNC was so much better! Although, I hate… absolutely loathe… Justin. The thing is… JC was (and kind of still is) really hot and he has the best voice by far… over anyone from either group. (Why Justin got the attention and praise, I will never understand.) I met all of the *NSYNC boys once upon a time. Even then, Justin was full of himself… LOL. But I had a thing for JC. 😃

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  3. I don’t really remember anything my NSYNC, so I must prefer BSB.
    I can remember some of the lads at uni learned one of the BSB dances and used to do it in the clubs in London on student nights. It was sooo funny.*

    *We did used to get £1 shots, so most things were funny on those evenings out!!

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  4. BSB4L!!! I’m actually going to see them tomorrow with Florida Georgia Line and I am SO. EXCITED!!!! I’ve seen them a few times– 4 or 5, I think. Plus, is there anything better than the Backstreet Boys when you need to belt out a tune?!

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