The Olympics

Are ya’ll watching the Olympics? I tried to watch a few Canadian events but if I see the “this video is not supported in your region” message one more time I think I might just flip out.

But then again, the summer Olympics really aren’t the place where Canadians shine. If you read my weekly wrap up post on how new Canadians are born out of snow in the spring time (real facts from a real Canadian) then you might understand why we’re not really killing it in the summer Olympics. As this picture demonstrates:

I think I might be a little biased. I could watch Olympic hockey for HOURS. I literally put on the gold medal game from 2010 for one of my little monkeys to watch while I prepped for classes on Wednesday. He stood over my shoulder and shouted “pass! PASS!! WHITE SHOOT!!” So obviously I am the best English teacher in all of South Korea for teaching him these most basic and necessary words. Don’t worry, they’ve got please/thank you down pat, I’m working on “your welcome” and “bless you”. Hard concepts but at least they can watch hockey.

In the summer Olympics, I generally just expect a lot of medals to go to Asian countries. South Korea is amazing, China is amazing. Japan? Amazing. I’m more than happy to let them take the medals. Although this year Canada is doing very respectably in the medal standings, in large part the first week to our women. Cos Canadian women are hard as rocks! YEAH!

Now let’s talk about this beautiful picture:

I read an article about Usain Bolt’s mama wanting him to get married and settle down. Now I’m not sure if she was talking to MY mama since they have the exact same train of thought. My dentist told me today that I was “too young” to get married and I asked her if she could pass that “medical advice” directly onto my mom. She laughed and continued to drill my tooth. But for this beautiful man, I’d change my opinion 😉 Like seriously, he’s a Christian, his character seems to be one of a great human being (did you see him stop an interview for the USA national anthem?), he’s humble and he already shows great taste in befriending his Canadian competition. Plus he’s very attractive, and he can obviously fly which is why he is so fast. Why can’t I find a guy like that?!

Let’s talk about something just a little bit more serious: The Russians.

What’s the deal with the Russians?! They are getting booed at events, banned from competing?! WHAT?! While I don’t respect a few of their political ideas, I respect how hard athletes have to train and there must have been something MAJOR to force them to be banned from the games. My dad said that they had developed some sort of new drug to enhance their abilities? I think their abilities come from being Russian.

All I’m going to say is that they need to get their shenanigans sorted out before the winter Olympics (which is in South Korea btw) because if they aren’t there to play for men’s hockey, you might as well just drop the whole sport – give Canada the gold, USA the silver, and probably bronze to Sweden?

Last Saturday a friend asked why I loved Russian hockey so much and I literally go so into explaining it, and so passionate that other people in the restaurant were kinda looking at me. It could also have been because I’m in South Korea, was in a Canadian restaurant, watching ex-pat hockey, while talking about how Russians are the best hockey players. That might have had something to do with it….maybe….

Since I’m not watching any of the Olympics, what are you guys watching? I personally love the diving and gymnastics. I know its over in a few days so what have been your favourite competitions this year? Did anyone see the male gymnast break his leg? I accidentally watched that on facebook and gasped out loud when I heard it snap. That is not a sound I’m going to get out of my head anytime soon! No matter how many “hamsters eating carrots” videos I watch on youtube!

*pictures supplied via google search*


13 thoughts on “The Olympics

  1. I think we Brits are the complete opposite – we love the summer games but hide our faces in shame at the winter games. Except for the skeleton bob sleigh which for some inexplicable reason we are good at. But next winter games I’m supporting Canada. You all seem like nice people and it’s nice to cheer on someone who’s got a chance of winning…

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  2. I’ve been watching the Olympics. Love watching the Final Five! Simone Biles and Ally Raisman were great to watch. Michael phelps is a beast. Should we discuss Ryan Lochte and those other swimmers? Disgusting. What a stain.
    Usane Bolt is amazing to watch. I’ve also enjoyed watching diving and rowing and synchronized swimming. Those women are magic to be able to do such a feat. I hear Russia had some *crap* with something called doping. Not sure of the truth, but how insulting to other athletes.
    Love the Olympics. Just checked and closing ceremony is Sunday evening. Then, on to Japan!


      • It’s a huge scandal–we are getting lots of news here in the states. Supposedly they trashed a gas station restroom. Lied about being held at gunpoint. Or at least the severity of it. Created a whole bunch of ruckus. It is sad to see, coming from the US, a bunch of elite athletes not making the most of a great experience but lying about crimes in the host country. The Brazilian law enforcement cares not about those swimmers talent and medals. I just read that one of the last Swimmers left in the country has to pay over $10000 to get out of the country. Their behavior is just plain idiotic. What a disgrace to our country that they act like a bunch of entitled assholes. *disclaimer–the aforementioned statement applies only if the story the tried to pitch to Brazilian authorities is indeed, untrue. Trying to do the innocent before proven guilty thing. I sometimes have a hard time with that.

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        • Ahhh I see! Thanks for the details 🙂 I heard a little bit about it but just never took the time to read into all the details. You’re right that it’s so sad when something like that happens because it not only looks bad on them but also on the country that they represent. 😦

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