Root Canal Part II

I am hoping that Part III will be the last! 

Last week I was told that they don’t do root canals in just one appointment at my dentist. Ya know, that’s cool – drag out the pain. Bring it on!

I actually fully understand and appreciate their reasoning. They want to make sure they have gotten rid of all the decay in the tooth before putting the crown on it, they want to get you on a round of antibiotics so that they are sure there is no infection before they put the crown on it. It’s super smart, at this particular moment in life I am hating it.

I went to the dentist this morning, my appointment was at 9am but it wasn’t really an appointment they were just squeezing me in around other patients. I was told in advance I might have to wait so I brought a book. Last week I was there for over 2 hours, today just over an hour. It was great.

They drilled around and then stuck some posts in there. My tooth is now discoloured though. I’m pretty sure the dark spots are from the posts they stuck in. The experience was a lot better this time, the dentist gave me 2 injections of novocaine right at the start since last week she learned I need 2. She is very calming and does this thing when she is removing the needle where she massages your cheek so you can’t feel it being pulled out? It’s kinda awesome.

Another awesome thing about this dentist is the music in the office. When I arrived RIGHT at 9am, they still were in their morning meeting and the music hadn’t been turned on yet. When it was the first song was “come, now is the time to worship” which I used to sing in my church back home all the time! Then “The locomotion” from the 60’s or 70’s? Then an instrumental version of “Amazing Grace” followed by some r&b track. Overall highly entertaining!

I left with another prescription for pain meds and went on my merry way. I went to put in my headphones but the right side of my face was SOOO frozen I couldn’t even feel the headphone in that ear, I kept having to check to make sure it was in place.

Now at home, the freezing is finally wearing off and it’s like someone took a 2×4 and bashed me in the face. It hurts SOOO MUCH. I had lunch and took a pain killer but omg I need it to kick in much faster.

I have to go back next week, at 11 this time. Which is nice. I don’t really like being at the subway station at 7:30 on a Saturday. But next weekend it’ll be a little bit later. To make this post just a tiny bit more interesting, here are some pictures I took today.

This is a privacy button: if you are in the bathroom and don’t want people to hear what you are doing, you push it and it sounds like a toilet flushing so you have some cover noise.

The subway at Jakjeon has like 4 flights of stairs you have to climb in order to get to the surface, unless you are lazy and take the elevator up to the surface like I did today. It’s too hot to climb stairs! In Songdo, where I have to get off for the dentist, there is this amazing escalator taking you up to the surface:

I shared some photos of Central Park when I had a few dentist appointments back in April but a lot of the flowers hadn’t really come out yet. I found these beauties on the side of the bridge while walking to the dentist. I took the picture last week with my phone and this week there are lots more in full bloom looking amazing.

Well I guess Part III will be coming to you next Saturday! Which is sad because it means I have to go back to the dentist and I have to put off meeting my pilates instructor. She wants to hang out, even though she can’t speak any English. So the co-worker is coming along too. We’re going to go to Itaewon probably for some food and stuff. But trying to fit it into my schedule right now is a little crazy. Hopefully it will happen before I go home.


10 thoughts on “Root Canal Part II

  1. How interesting. I’d be happy to meet new people if I were brave enough to live in a new (foreign) country. I think it’s a little funny and sweet that she wants to hang but y’all cannot communicate verbally. Thank goodness for the translating coworker. Have fun!!


    • I really enjoy meeting new people! It’s hard to make friends here, like it’s not hard to make them but hard to keep them I guess? Since most people are just temporary. Even I will be leaving shortly. My instructor is a doll! She is super sweet and is always very welcoming to me! I just wish I could talk to her more without the help of a third person lol Don’t know when we will be going out though. Maybe in two weeks? We’ll have to see.

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