Week Wrap Up

Just a mish-mash of things from this week

Summer is “officially” over here in South Korea! Or so I’ve been told by one of my adult students. I think she said that it was on Tuesday, but apparently the weather hasn’t taken notice of this fact. It’s still hot and gross and my poor Canadianness won’t be able to last much longer!

**Edit** so I was wrong. Summer isnt over, just like the 3 hottest days in the summer. The last one was this week and everyone eats something special for their health. I am a little confused. I might have to do research….

For all those who don’t know, Canadians are build from snow (for reals ya’ll). Every winter, when a family wants a new baby, they build a snowman. When the snow melts in the spring, you get the baby that formed inside the snowman. Hence, I am made from snow and this heat and humidity and “feels like 43” for the last 3 weeks is slowly killing me.

The news reported that the heat wave is to break this weekend. I’m holding that little gem in my heart and wishing it to be true! Although I am sure that means some rain and thunderstorms – I just hope it stays away until I’m finished with my dentist appointment.

me as a baby

Tomorrow I head back to the dentist for my second appointment for my root canal. I think this time it’s actually going to happen. They were all booked up for Saturday appointments when I was there last Saturday so the one girl told me that she would call me with an appointment time. She never did so I ended up calling yesterday. They want me there at 9am which means I have to be riding the subway by like 7:45ish. They then told me that I might have a long wait, 30 minutes to an hour. They are obviously squeezing me in around patients and I am very grateful. I have lived with this tooth pain for so long and after my dentist put the medicine in it three weeks ago it’s just been getting worse. When I sneeze my tooth hurts….

Be prepared for a “Root Canal Part II” post when I get home tomorrow!

I teach 2 conversation classes which are for students who are in high school or older. My first class is just a business woman, and the other class used to be a mixture of teens and young adults. Now it’s just teens. We just finished up the book we were working on yesterday so today, since it’s Friday and I will only have one student, we are going to watch a movie. I’m giving my student the ability to select the movie from a youtube channel that I found that has put Korean subtitles on cartoons and disney movies. I’m hoping she picks Fantasia since it’s one of my favourites but any of the classic disney movies that are up there will be ok in my books – peter pan, cinderella, snow white. just to name a few. We only have class for an hour, so even if my student shows up on time we won’t be able to watch the whole movie, but it will still be a nice treat for her.

I’ve made a choice about pilates: instead of me just thinking if I’m too tired to go to a class or not, I have promised myself I will go Monday and Friday until the end of September – no matter what the class is doing that day. That way I will have a longer recovery time between each class (which I think I need) and I will be subjected to the stepper box (which we are using tonight!) which I hate with a fiery passion. I did the stepper box last week when my instructor combined it with weights day. That fully SUCKED but I did it, and I didn’t pass out, and I must admit I did kind of feel good-ish afterwards.

Now onto the weekend! Another week of classes almost finished! Which means I’m that much closer to finishing my contract and heading home! Woohoo!!

On a different note: Now that I have officially decided to move home, I am very much still pursuing jobs in the nanny field. Preferably live-in for the first little bit, but I really don’t care where I live as long as it’s in Canada. I might consider the US as well but I’m focusing my attention in Canada. So if anyone knows of anyone looking, pass my info along! 😉

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