Bucket Lists

Do you have a bucket list? I’ve never really written one down, but I like the idea of bucket lists. 

If I were to have a bucket list, it would literally just be like every European country and that’s basically it. I just want to travel around Europe and see everything that it has to offer. I used to want to travel around Asia but the older I get, the more reluctant I am to go into “off the beaten track” places and experience “um what is this?” food. And the heat! WOOO Korea isn’t even in South East Asia (where I wanted to travel) and I can’t stand the heat sometimes! I’m a reflective white person and the sun is not my friend.

Aside from traveling, an additional point on my bucket list would be my photography. I have always loved taking pictures. I always had a dream of someone wanting one of my photographs for their wall. I never really thought it would go anywhere until one fellow blogger threw upon me a MOUND of praise and even requested one of my pictures for her home (she knows who she is!) I was elated!!! I happily sent a digital copy to her so she could print it and frame it. It literally made my entire week when it happened.

Taking her seriously overly generous praise into consideration, I have joined a photography website and have started entering some contests. I’m not as good as some of the amazing people on the site, but if you wanted to check me out, you can do that here. I’m still in the process of figuring it all out, but eventually prints will be up for sale. Hopefully crossing off another bucket list point: sell a photograph.

5 thoughts on “Bucket Lists

  1. That’s cool about the fellow blogger wanting your photo! I do not have a bucket list. I realize this is a terrible way to look at it, but I think if I had one, I’d never be able to cross anything off it so I’d rather not have one at all!

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