The skinny on this Fattie

So I haven’t thrown up yet today! Success!! The following might contain a little bit of TMI…. be warned.

For reals guys, I have now taken three of my penicillin containing pills and have not thrown up. I think this is a real win! Perhaps I have outgrown this allergy? Or perhaps it was never an allergy to penicillin any ways?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and examine just why I think I have an allergy to penicillin (it’s because my mom told me so, but bare with me ya’ll).

*queue flash back music*

When I was in grade 1, basically everything that could go wrong did. I was taking figure skating lessons which I hated because I sprained my ankle and it didn’t really heal properly, I got my ears pierced for the first time which then got infected on one side, my little ear lobe swelled up and the ball on the end of the earring POPPED INSIDE my ear, I had to have surgery to get it out, let it heal and then get my ear pierced again, and I had strep throat.

But the worst thing that happened was that I got whooping cough and missed an entire month of school because of it. Add that to all the other things and they were considering making me repeat first grade (thankfully they didn’t make me).

Now for those of you who don’t know, whooping cough SUCKS. From what I remember of it, every time I would cough I would throw up. It’s highly contagious and could result in death if you’re not careful. For more information check out the Mayo Clinic’s info here. So I was at home for a whole month on medication, coughing, and throwing up.

Before this happened, I was kind of a skinny kid. I’d like to think I was average but my mom remembers me as “below average weight”. Oh what a nice time that must have been for grade 1 Giggling “skinny” Fattie.

My brother on the other hand was round and chubby. My parents joked that they were going to name him Bubbah because he was such a little fattie. He was cute though. Man was he an adorable little pudgy thing. When he was born he was 9lbs 3oz. A big little guy. When I was born, I was long and thin. The nurse told my mom that I was 9lbs 2oz and she forced them to weigh me again since I was such a different shape than my brother. She didn’t believe I was only one ounce lighter than he was. So my life started off very much on the skinny side.

When I got whooping cough, all that changed. Since I was throwing up every time I would cough (I’m talking about once every 5 minutes of so) my body was craving food. Anything that it got a hold of, it was trying to store since it thought I was starving it (or so I’ve been told. I haven’t actually had this conversation with my body, it’s still kind of angry at me over the whole thing). When I finally got over it, they say that my body was so happy to have food it just stored it all and I ballooned up into a little pudgy kid. If you look at my Kindergarten picture and my grade 2 picture, there is such a HUGE difference, even I am shocked.

Getting back onto the subject of throwing up though.

One of the main courses of treatment for most infections (including whooping cough) is penicillin. I got the banana medicine – you know it’s a liquid and it tastes like bananas? Well that is penicillin, and it made my throwing up even worse! I was immediately taken off of it, and thus my assumed allergy to penicillin was born.

For my entire life I have just always assumed that I have been allergic – and rightly so. When your mom and your doctor tell you that you are allergic, you tend to believe them. Every time a doctor asks if I have any allergies I just say penicillin and we move on.

When my regular doctor retired, we got a new quack who was horrible. She prescribed me penicillin once for a kidney infection she was CERTAIN I had (I had to give a urine sample right after my period and she was convinced the tiny little bit of blood in it was from my kidneys not from me being a female with a uterus even though I told her about my period). I told her I was allergic and she said “oh it’s ok to take it”….idiot. I never filled the prescription. I’m guessing she was wrong about the infection since it’s been about 13 years since then and I’m still alive with no other problems.

When the lady told me yesterday that the medicine had penicillin in it, I honestly was just so tired I didn’t care. I decided to take the chance. Especially after the whole thing of changing medicine because of the company and blah blah blah. So far it’s going pretty good! Three tablets in, and no adverse side affects. Like sometimes my stomach does feel a little wooshy but it passes within a few minutes and if I drink some water. Perhaps I have out grown this aversion to an extremely helpful medication? Or maybe the amoxicillin that I am taking is just different enough from just penicillin that it’s ok? Who knows! I’m just glad that it’s not making me sick!


6 thoughts on “The skinny on this Fattie

  1. As long as you’re getting better and the medicine is working, no point overthinking it!
    And btw, that sounds like a horrible year of childhood to have with so much stuff going wrong 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol very true! I am thankful that my tooth isn’t hurting and that the medicine isn’t making me sick 🙂 and yes it was a horrible year! But apparently having it all in one year made the next 7 illness and accident free. Didn’t even get so much as a cold after that until grade 8.

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  2. Wow, that was a horrible 1st-grade year! I can’t even imagine.

    As far as I know, I’m not allergic to anything… yet some antibiotics make me nauseous. I don’t think I’ve ever actually thrown up, though. So what you feel now may be normal… not an allergy at all! (And TMI…. what happens to me when I take ANY antibiotic is that I get a yeast infection. At this point in my life, whenever I need to take one, I insist that they give me a prescription for the yeast infection pill, too!)

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