Moral Compass

How do you handle really big things that put a weight on your basic human decency and your own personal moral compass?

For me personally, I have a few checks and balances put in place. Kind of like how the government has to read a bill 3 times.

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, then you know that I have some issues with my mom. One of the best things that I have learned from having her as my mom is how not to over react. At first I was as hot headed as she was, and almost explosive. Now, I try to keep my calm, and hate raising my voice (outside of the classroom that is).

So I have a few people in place to calm me down. First of all, is Le Brother. I honestly don’t know where I would be without Le Brother. He is my rock. I tell him what’s going on and he offers me sound advice. Right now I am going through something that has me furious. More furious than I think I have ever been before in my life. Like sure I’ve been angry before, but nothing on this level.

But there is always a little voice in the back of my head that asks me “Do you really have the right to be angry over this? Or are you over reacting?” It’s the mom syndrome. So I asked my brother if I had the right to be so “outraged” at this situation.

He replies: For sure you would be justified in being outraged… What you do about it is a reflection of your character.

Am I blessed with a keeper or WHAT?! See why I love him? If I make it through an emotional reaction and don’t have him disappointed in me, then I know that I have acted in a proper way.

Then of course I have my girl friends. For certain things I confide in certain people. For this particular thing I talked to the BFF-A. She is a pretty chill person but basically just supports what I have to say lol. Sometimes it’s not the best thing, but ya know what, sometimes you just need someone to be all “yeah I understand. That’s a good plan”. But she is also wise in reminding me to “keep calm. It won’t make it better if you’re angry”.

Then of course there is BFF-R. She is my REAL moral compass. She is level headed at all times. She acts with forethought and compassion. Instead of WWJD, I often ask myself WWRD. I’m sure it would basically be the same thing. Her advice is usually weighed with the same standard as Le Brother. If they agree on something then for sure it will be my choice of action.

But for now, I am TRYING to remain calm because I know what conversation has to happen today. And it’s not going to be pleasant. It’s not something that I can share online yet, but in the future when it’s settled and when I have calmed down enough to write about it objectively then I will. But for right now I can literally feel my blood pressure rising. I wish today was over already…


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