Hey You!

Yeah, you lovely people reading this post. Those who I affectionately call my “Giggling Followers”. Well I have some big news to share!

See that?! TWO HUNDRED followers?! I never had any intention of this blog ever being read by anyone, but 8 months ago when I got my first read/follow it really sparked something in me. It gave me a purpose to write, one that has kept me going for these 8 months.

Before that, I would post sporadically, never really having too much of a voice. It was just an online diary to vent my frustrations.

Now it is more than that. It’s a community that has built itself up around our shared experiences. I never imagined that I would meet so many amazing people, or that anyone would be interested in my blog enough to stick around for so long (we’ve lost a few along the way).

I really do love you all!

I’ve never really set out goals for this blog, in terms of followers or likes or anything like that. I know it’s never going to be an internet sensation. But, since my one year anniversary of this blog is in just a few weeks, this milestone is made even more sweet!!

Ya’ll are amazing! Thanks for sticking around!


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